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RLND Class X Completed the Seminar 1: Orientation

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RLND Class X visit to NDAREC

Rural Leadership North Dakota (RLND) Class X, a cohort of 16 dynamic individuals, convened in Bismarck from November 15-18, 2023 for their Orientation Seminar, marking the beginning of their 2023-2025 RLND experience. The seminar provided a comprehensive introduction to the program, fostering networking, knowledge, and a sense of purpose among the participants.

The journey kicked off with an insightful exploration of the RLND Program's history, as the participants greeted each other and immersed themselves in the foundational aspects of RLND. Pete Hannebutt, ND Farm Bureau and RLND Council member, shared valuable perspectives on public office involvement and engagement in public policy, setting the stage for an informed and engaged RLND experience.

Thursday morning saw Class X engaging in a collaborative discussion to craft their class motto and mission, establishing intentional goals for their RLND journey as a class. The class then embarked on a visit to Cloverdale Food, delving into workforce challenges and leadership practices through a facility tour and discussions with company leadership.


Post-lunch, the ND Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives hosted Class X, providing insights into cooperative history and leadership styles. The discussion covered rural development projects across North Dakota, culminating in a tour of the new Lineworker Training Center. Darrell Oswald, Class VII, hosted Class X at Menoken Farm, which included a brief history of the farm, a soil health demonstration, and discussions on leadership within conservation.

The day concluded with a Leadership Dinner, where four RLND alumni—Cory McCaskey (Class V), Kristi Schultz (Class VII), Annika Plummer (Class VIII), and Kristina Dick (Class IX)—shared their experiences and insights with Class X.

Friday was dedicated to exploring DiSC profiles, enabling participants to understand their style and preferences when interacting with others. The evening was reserved for joining RLND Class IX participants at their graduation gala, celebrating their accomplishments and forging connections with the RLND alumni community.

Saturday morning brought a unique opportunity for Class X to learn from RLND alumni about their experiences, expectations, and the nuances of making the most of the 18-month RLND journey. The session included discussions on the Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner, laying the groundwork for Class X to start planning and solidifying their community leadership projects. The morning concluded with Class X participants sharing their personal goals and intentions for their time in RLND, setting the stage for a transformative and purpose-driven experience.

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The success of the RLND Class X Orientation Seminar was made possible by the generous support of seminar sponsors, including Ag Country Farm Credit Services, Touchstone Energy Cooperative, and the Rural Leadership North Dakota Alumni Association.