Meet the Threatened Rare and Endangered Insect Pollinators of North Dakota

(E1977, August 2020)
This publication describes the major factors of why are some pollinators in decline, such as habitat loss and pesticides. Four pollinators that are poorly known are discussed including the rusty patched bumble bee, the yellow-banded bumble bee, the poweshiek skipperling and the Dakota skipper. Tips are provided on how to protect these threatened, rare or endangered pollinators.
Lead Author
Lead Author:
Janet Knodel, Extension Entomologist, NDSU
Other Authors

David Lowenstein, Consumer Horticulture Extension Educator, Michigan State University, Nathaniel Walton, Consumer Horticulture Extension Educator, Michigan State University
Patrick Beauzay, Integrated Pest Management Coordinator and Research Specialist, NDSU
Veronica Calles-Torrez, Post-doctoral Scientist, NDSU
Gerald Fauske, Insect Collection Manager and Research Specialist, NDSU
Esther McGinnis, Extension Horticulturist, NDSU

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