North Dakota Fresh Market Potato Cultivar/Selection Trial Results for 2020

(A1783-20, Jan. 2021)

Potato cultivars or selections included in this report were selected from recently released cultivars, advancing selections with release potential (numbered lines progressing through the trial process), or cultivars that are new to the U.S. Standard potato cultivars used by growers served as checks. The agronomic data presented in Tables 1 and 2 were analyzed statistically. These analyses allow the reader to ascertain, at a predetermined level of confidence, if the differences observed among cultivars/selections are reliable, or if they might be due to error inherent in the experimental process.

Lead Author
Lead Author:
Andy Robinson, Extension Potato Agronomist, NDSU/University of Minnesota
Other Authors

Susie Thompson, Potato Breeder and Associate Professor, NDSU; Eric Brandvik, Research Specialist, NDSU; Peter Ihry, Agriculture Technician, NDSU

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