North Dakota Weed Control Guide

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Lead Author
Lead Author:
Joe Ikley, Extension Weed Science
Other Authors

Mike Christoffers, Research Weed Science, Weed Genetics 
Caleb Dalley, Research Weed Science, Hettinger REC 
Greg Endres, Extension Agronomist, Carrington REC 
Greta Gramig, Research Weed Science, Weed Ecology 
Kirk Howatt, Research Weed Science, Small Grains/Minor Crops 
Brian Jenks, Research/Extension Weed Science, NCREC 
Quincy Law, Research Weed Science, Noxious Weeds 
Charlie Lim, Extension Weed Science, Williston REC 
Mike Ostlie, Director, Carrington REC 
Tom Peters, Extension Weed Science, Sugarbeet, NDSU/U of MN 
Andy Robinson, Extension Agronomist, Potato, NDSU/U of MN 
Andrew Thostenson, Extension Pesticide Programs 
Harlene H. Valenti, Research, High Value Crops Specialist 

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