Pulse Crop Production Field Guide for North Dakota

(A1922, June 2019)

The Pulse Crop Production Field Guide provides producers with data on field pea, chickpea and lentil production information throughout North Dakota. It addresses issues including variety fertilizing, disease, insect and weed control, harvesting and storing of pulses.

Lead Author
Lead Author:
Hans Kandel and Greg Endres, NDSU Extension Agronomists
Other Authors

Nonoy Bandillo, N.D. Ag Experiment Station Pulse Breeder; David Franzen, NDSU Extension soil science specialist; Shana Forster, NDSU North Central Research Extension Center (REC) agronomist and director; Kenneth Hellevang, NDSU Extension agricultural engineer; Joseph Ikley, NDSU Extension weed specialist; Brian Jenks, NDSU North Central REC weed scientist; Clair Keene, NDSU Extension agronomist; Janet Knodel, NDSU Extension entomologist; Sam Markell, NDSU Extension plant pathologist; John Nowatzki, NDSU Extension ag machine systems specialist; Julie Pasche, NDSU North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station plant pathologist; Michael Wunsch, NDSU Carrington REC plant pathologist; Pat Beauzay, NDSU Entomology research specialist; Duane Burglund, NDSU Extension agronomist emeritus; Blaine Schatz, NDSU Carrington REC research agronomist and director; Thomas Stefaniak, NDSU North Central REC assistant pulse breeder; Rich Zollinger, NDSU Extension weed specialist emeritus

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