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Joining our Program


The following will provide the basic means to join our program. Your options vary depending on if you want Active Duty or want to go in the National Guard or Army Reserves. We also have many different types of scholarships available for all types of membership, to read about them click here. If you have any questions or are interested please contact Mr. Ryan Schulz.

High School Students

 If you wish to receieve a 4-year scholarship you will need to click here and also let us know so we can help you along the way. Only once you fully accept the scholarship are you fully obligated to the program.

College Students

 If you are just interested in finding out what we do without obligation, simply register for our 1 credit classes - they counts towards your degree. All Concordia, MSUM and NDSU students regardless of grade level can register for our MS 101 or 102 classes with no obligation!

There are plenty of scholarship opportunities available to college students, even up to their Junior Year.

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Graduate Students

It is not to late to join! You may be eligible to attend the advanced camp and take our classes.

Current Army National Guard or Army Reserve

As a member of the Guard or Reserves makes you exempt from the first two years of the program. It also provides many different scholarship and tuition assistance programs. You will also be eligible to participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), where you, as a cadet, drill with a unit gaining valuable experience in a platoon leadership role.

Current Active Duty Members

If you are currently and Active Duty soldier looking to get your degree and commission, you may be eligible for the Green-to-Gold program. This allows you to become a full time student, train with ROTC, and then are guaranteed an Active Duty slot upon commissioning.

Please contact us for more information about joining Army ROTC as a Soldier with prior military experience.

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