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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact Athletic Academic staff if you have any questions

What is my athletic credit?

Your athletic credit is a one credit you may earn by being a student-athlete.  You should enroll in your athletic credit every semester as long as you are an athlete at NDSU.  If you are enrolled in 11 credits, the athletic credit can be added to your schedule to help you to get to full time status.  Your athletic credit is covered under your scholarship.  If you are not on scholarship, it is okay to not enroll in your athletic credit to avoid having to pay for the extra credit; it is up to you. 

If you are of freshman or sophomore status academically, you will want to enroll in “ATHL 223” on campus connection.  If you are of junior or senior status academically, you will want to enroll in “ATHL 323” on campus connection.

Why is there an Athletic Hold on my account?

The athletic academic staff places an athletic hold on your account to ensure eligibility.  The hold makes sure you cannot add or drop any classes without the athletic academic staff.  The hold is there to make sure you do not drop below full-time status (12 credits), make sure you do not drop a class that would endanger you passing 6 credits towards your degree that semester and 18 total for the year, or drop a class that will endanger your passed toward degree percentage.

Who do I contact with Financial Aid questions?

If you have any financial questions, please contact Julie Wanzek, Financial Aid Administrator of Student Financial Services.

Phone: 701-231-7534


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