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How to order books

(Note: This is the required method for athletes on book scholarship, if you are an athlete not on a book scholarship; you may use this method too, but can also get your books by other means.)

1. Go to

2. In the top right corner, hover over "My Account" and click "Login." Login to the webpage (the username is your NDSU email and the password is usually your NDSU ID number)


(Note: If the password doesn’t work, you will need to go through the steps of “Forgot My Password” or “Register.”)

3. Next, login to your campus connection account.

4. On the home page, in the drop down menu under academics, select class schedule.  Have this page up as you are ordering your books.

5. Back on the NDSU Bookstore website, hover over “Course Materials” and select “Order Course Materials.” 

6. Make sure you have the correct term selected in the box labelled “Term.” 

7. This is where you will need your class schedule.  Look at the first class on your class schedule (you do not need books for your athletic credit so you can ignore that when buying your books). 

8. Match the subject of the course with one of the listed subjects in the box on the NDSU Bookstore labelled “Select Department.”

9. Now, go back to campus connection and match the class’s course number, section number, and at times professor with one of the listed course and section numbers in the box labelled “Select Course and Section.”

10. Once the class is selected, click the green button at bottom of the page that says “Add Selection.”  The class should pop up at the bottom of the page under “Your Current Course List.” 

11. Continue this process until all classes in your class schedule have been added.

12. Once all classes from your class list have been added, select the green button at the bottom of the page, “Get Course Materials.”

13. For athletes on book scholarship, go through the list and click the “Add to Cart” (always choose used or rental if an option) button on books only that are required (you can order optional books but your book scholarship will not cover it).  It will say required or optional on the left hand side of the screen under the picture of the book.


(Note: If a clicker is needed for multiple classes, only add one clicker and one license to your cart.)

14. Once all books are added to your shopping cart, select the button on the bottom, right-hand side of the page, “Shopping Cart.”

15. Once in the shopping cart, look over the list to make sure everything looks correct (i.e. all books are required unless you plan to spend your own money and that the quantity is only one per item).

16. In the drop down menu next to each item, make sure “Used Rental Preferred” is selected.  If that is not an option, than make sure “Used Preferred” is selected.  If neither is an option, leave as is.

17. Click the “Continue Checkout” button on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

18. In the drop down by each item that reads “Order Update Action,” make sure “add Only Required” is selected unless you plan to spend your own money.

19. Select the box underneath your items that states: “I understand that by allowing the bookstore to modify my order based on my instructors' actions, the final total of my order may be increased from that being quoted at this time. We recommend this option if your class does not list any course materials.”  Make sure a check mark appears in the box.

20. Select “Continue Checkout on the lower right-hand side of the screen.

21. Because you have already logged in, when the white box pops up that reads, “Students must be logged in to use Student Charging as a payment method” in bright red, select the third option of “Continue Checkout.”

22. For athletes on book scholarship, select “Pickup Order” in the upper left-hand side of the screen.  (Athletes not on book scholarship can have their books shopped if they prefer.)


(Note: The next steps are only for athletes on book scholarship. Those not can select any payment method they prefer.)

23. Select the box underneath “Payment Options” that states: I have read the bookstore's "Rental Agreement" and agree to abide by the terms and conditions as detailed in the agreement. I understand that if I fail to uphold any part of the "Rental Agreement," the NDSU Bookstore has the right to cancel my textbook rental order.  Make sure a check mark appears in the box.

24. Below that, there is a dropdown menu that says “Payment Type.”  In that dropdown menu, select “Student Charging.”

25. In the box labelled “Order Comments,” type “Athletic Textbook Scholarship.”

26. Click “Submit Order”

27. On the final page, print the receipt to have just to be safe. 

The bookstore will inform you when your items are ready.  You pick up your items downstairs in the Bookstore in the Memorial Union.

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