Interdisciplinary Studies

Faculty members lead teams of graduate and undergraduate research assistant in interdisciplinary studies such as: cancer test beds and bone tissue regeneration, disaster resistance and resilience, electrically conductive pavements, oil shakes, potable water supplies, sustainable and renewable building materials, water resources and climate change, and wireless sensor networks. 

Interdisciplinary programs within which CEE faculty collaborate across North Dakota State University and the College of Engineering include: 

Research Experience for Teachers: Civil Engineering Instruction for Secondary Education Teachers

Teachers will be engaged in hands-on authentic research experiences revolving around the theme of “mitigating natural disasters” in the labs of NDSU Civil and Environmental Engineering Department to help address issues impacting the region and globally from natural disasters including extreme weather, flooding, extreme temperatures, landslides, earthquakes, drought, wildfires, and volcanic activities. These activities will allow them to bridge research experiences to improve content knowledge which will translate to improved secondary STEM education in their classrooms. Teachers will work with faculty and graduate students on these continuing projects during the six-week summer experience towards two outcomes: (1) gain proficiency in the technical content through their research and (2) develop a curricular module related to that research focus.   The RET Site at NDSU is supported by the National Science Foundation (Award No. 1953102).

RET Program Webpages

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