Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide state, national, and international students who represent a multicultural and diverse society with the appropriate academic preparation, clinical experiences, and personal growth opportunities that can be applied to their work as professional master's and doctoral degree level counselors and counselor educators.  Faculty members strive to graduate students who are caring, compassionate, capable professional counselors and counselor educators who are aware of the importance of theory, research, and practice.

The goal of the Counselor Education Program is to facilitate student learning.  Although expectations for each faculty member vary, as a group, the faculty members expect that faculty and students are committed to learning as a life-long process that involves intellectual, affective, and experiential components.  NDSU Counselor Education Program graduates possess the appropriate knowledge, dispositions, and skills for their chosen career field and understand the importance of theory, research, diversity, technology, and ethical practice.

Program Delivery

Our program is primarily delivered in a campus-based format; however, there are some options for distance/hybrid learning available.

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