Amelia Nichols, MPH, CPH

CIRE Immunization Research Project Manager
640G Aldevron Tower

Amelia Nichols is the Immunization Research Project Manager at the Center for Immunization Research and Education within the Department of Public Health. She started working within the department in the summer of 2021.

Amelia completed her Master’s in Public Health from North Dakota State University in May of 2021. Her specializations were epidemiology and management of infectious disease. Prior to graduate school, Amelia received Bachelor of Science degrees in microbiology and equine science from NDSU in 2018. Aside from academics, Amelia was very active in her sorority and competed with NDSU’s equestrian team, eventually earning her way to compete in the national championship horse show.

Outside of work Amelia enjoys spending time reading, painting, exploring museums, zoos, as well as spending time with her two dogs, Mack and Nugget.

Accepted Abstracts & Presentations

Nichols A, Abed M, Hall K, Carson P. Pediatric Influenza Vaccination Rates Prior To and During COVID-19 Pandemic Years in North Dakota: Disparities and Successes. Accepted at: APHA 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo; November 12-15, 2023; Atlanta, GA.

Williams M, Larson M, Nichols A, Rubinstein E, Carson P. “There’s being right, and there’s being effective”: Evaluation of an intervention to improve patient-provider interactions during COVID-19 and beyond. Accepted at: APHA 2023 Annual Meeting & Expo; November 12-15, 2023; Atlanta, GA.

Nichols A, Larson M, Soliman N, Rubinstein E, Carson P. Using a peer-to-peer educational intervention to address vaccine hesitancy in health systems: Challenges and opportunities. Presentation presented at: APHA 2022 Annual Meeting & Expo; November 6, 2022; Boston, MA.

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