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FAQs: NDSU Center for Writers


Where is the Center for Writers located?
Information about our location is available on our home page.

When is the Center open?
Information about our hours is available on our home page.

Who can use the services of the Center for Writers? Is there a fee?
The Center for Writers is a free service available to all members of the NDSU community, including undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty and staff.

How do I schedule a consultation?
To make sure a consultant is available, you may schedule an appointment by calling (701) 231-7927; by signing up at the reception desk in the Center for Writers; or by logging in to the Student Success Collaborative, clicking the "Get Tutoring" button, then following the prompts.

What should I bring to the consultation?
You should bring the assignment sheet and all related documents, such as your outline, draft, research materials, textbook examples, and class notes.  Before the session, read the assignment thoroughly, create a first draft, and write down your specific questions or concerns.  If you do not know where to start, brainstorm some ideas about how you might focus, develop, and organize your topic.  Above all, come prepared to think and talk about your writing assignment.

Are appointments always necessary? 
Making an appointment in advance is a good idea because the Center is very busy, especially at mid-semester and near the end of the semester. If you come to the Center without an appointment, you might have to wait in line to work with the walk-in tutor.

I'm stuck! Will a consultant tell me what to write?
No, a consultant will not tell you what to write.  Instead, a consultant will help you brainstorm ideas and will suggest a variety of strategies for developing your paper based on the assignment sheet.  The consultant will also identify  specific patterns of sentence-level errors in your document and teach you how to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.  

Who are the consultants in the Center for Writers?  Do they help with writing in all subjects?
Our staff consists of qualified administrators and undergraduate students who have written for a variety of purposes and audiences.  Furthermore, all consultants participate in staff training workshops to learn the expectations of instructors on campus and the writing conventions in the academic disciplines.

Will the consultant correct my spelling and grammar?
The consultant will show you how to recognize particular grammatical errors that you make consistently and how to eliminate them in an interactive process. We do not allow students to drop off papers for proofreading and correction because we are a teaching service, not an editing service.

How long before my paper is due should I schedule an appointment?
You should schedule an appointment as soon as you feel that feedback from another person would be helpful.  A consultant can help you to narrow your focus, locate research materials, develop and organize your paper, and use source materials accurately and honestly.  The sooner you come in before a writing project is due, the more help you can receive.

What if I only have a quick writing question?
For a quick response, call us at 231-7927 or send us an email at

English is not my first language. How can the Center for Writers help me?
Our consultants offer opportunities to practice and refine your writing and speaking skills.  You may schedule appointments with a particular consultant on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, or you may schedule appointments with a variety of consultants to obtain several perspectives on your language ability.  If needed, we will work with instructors in the modern language department to find the best ways to help you. 

How can the Center for Writers help someone with a learning disability?
Often, individuals with learning disabilities can benefit from the one-on-one assistance that the Center can provide.  The staff in the Center will work with Student Disabilities services to help you develop effective strategies for completing your writing assignments.

How can the Center for Writers help faculty members?
The director can help faculty members design writing assignments, incorporate peer revising and editing sessions, and develop efficient and effective grading rubrics for evaluation and assessment of student writing. In addition, faculty members may come to the Center for feedback on their own writing projects.  Please see the Instructional Support page for more information.

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