Now Available! CHAPS Online

To get CHAPS Online, send an email to, with your first and last name.

Once we receive your email, you will be sent a link to enroll in the program. Follow the instructions to create an account. 

For a detailed look at the CHAPS Online program, take a look at the Try CHAPS Online User Guide, theCHAPS Online User Guide and theCHAPS Online Codes and Calculations or watch the CHAPS Online Tutorial videos on YouTube

CHAPS (Cow Herd Appraisal Performance Software) Online is a data intensive beef production record system designed to provide you with vital information about your managerial decisions and herd's performance. The program was developed in 1985 by NDSU Extension and the North Dakota Beef Cattle Improvement Association. CHAPS Online collects, stores, and evaluates individual herd data, according to Beef Improvement Federation guidelines. CHAPS Online data specialists compile herd data and calculate yearly averages to establish the CHAPS Online benchmarks: 5-year rolling averages of the yearly herd averages. CHAPS Online reproduction and production benchmarks include calving distribution, reproductive percentages (pregnancy, pregnancy loss, calving, calf death loss, weaning, and replacement percentages), calf growth (birth weight, weaning weight, weight per day of age, average daily gain, age at weaning, and pounds weaned per cow exposed) and production data (frame score, cow age, cow weight, and cow body condition score). As industry standards, the CHAPS Online benchmarks allow producers to examine numerous reproduction and production traits to evaluate herd performance, set goals, and make necessary changes to achieve these goals.

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