CMS Upgrade March 2024

Our Content Management System was upgraded to version 11 on March 2nd, 2024. Your day-to-day content authoring/editing experience will remain the same from the testing that has been done. Of course, Typo3 is a large piece of software and our instance has many pages, workspaces, etc., so if you experience any issues or changes in the way you're used to doing things, please let us know.

If there is an issue that requires immediate attention, please submit a help desk ticket.

The upgrade was completed at approximately 12:00p.m. Saturday, March 2nd with minimal/no interruption to the frontend. Editing for all sites (ndsu, ndepscor, slsc, and tri-college) was reopened at approximately 4:00pm Saturday, March 2nd.

Any issues reported to me will be added to the Known Issues section below. If you run into an issue, check here to see if there is a solution to your issue. Otherwise, submit a help desk ticket.

Known Issues

HERO section allowing more than one content element. While editing a draft workspace using the 2-level Horizontal Navigation Bar + HERO layout, you are allowed to add more than one Hero Banner content elements despite a configuration to only allow one. I am working with the third-part extension developer to resolve this. In the meantime, please do not add more than one Hero Banner to the HERO section of your pages. If you do so, the multiple Hero Banners stack on top of each other which can result in unexpected frontend rendering.


Wrong default login page. As part of the upgrade we migrated to a new authentication extension. By default, you're supposed to see the following login page:

I have noticed several users attempting to login have been taken to the "Login with username and password" page. You will not be able to login to Typo3 using your username and password.

You must click the "Single Sign-on with SAML" and click the "Login" button on that page. From there, you will need to login via CAS to be authenticated into the Typo3 backend.


Blank backend after login. There was a misconfiguration in the new authentication extension that updated your usergroup permissions after logging in. This has been resolved, but if you were affected before the change took effect, please create a ticket with the help desk. In the ticket description, let them know the backend is blank and provide a list of workspaces you had access to before if possible.

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