Stress and Depression Screening
  • Using the link below, you'll go to a secure web site to complete a brief, anonymous and confidential questionnaire called the Stress and Depression Screening Questionnaire, which should only take about 10 minutes to complete.
  • You will need to choose a USER ID and a password to log in to complete the questionnaire. This ID is how you will return to your questionnaire and feedback.
  • After you have submitted your completed screening, an experienced clinician will review it and will send a personal response to your USER ID on the website that will include an assessment and any recommendations for further evaluation or follow-up.
  • You will then have an opportunity, if you choose, to have an anonymous dialogue with the clinician to talk about resources and recommendations for getting help. Please note, this is not online counseling or a crisis service. In case of crisis, please call 911, or 988 (Suicide and Crisis Lifeline)—or you can call our main number at (701) 231-7671.
  • Completing the online questionnaire and making use of this service is completely voluntary.
  • Please direct any questions regarding the online assessment to Program Manager, Ronni Arensberg

Brief Alcohol and Screening and Intervention for College Students is a service available for students who want to explore their alcohol and other drug use.  It is designed to assist students in examining their own behaviors in a judgment-free environment.  BASICS may be required when a student violates NDSU policy in regards to alcohol and other drugs.

Reasons to Participate in Basics

BASICS is appropriate for anyone who uses alchohol or other drugs.  Whether you are concerned about your drinking or drug use or just curious to learn how your use compares to that of others.  BASICS will provide you with a structured opportunity to assess your own risk, identify potential changes that could work for you, and help you to reduce your risk for developing future problems.

What to Expect

BASICS sessions are held with counseling center members and involve two individual sessions after you have completed the e-chug and/or e-toke at our office.  Please bring the signature form provided by the entity that referred you so that your completion of BASICS can be documented.

Session I: a 90 minute appointment in which a standard intake will be completed followed by exploration of the personalized BASICS feedback report.  Based on data collected in the questionnaire, you will receive a feedback profile that provides personalized information about your use of alcohol and other drugs and how it compares to that of other NDSU students and national statistics.

Session II: a 50 minute appointment in which we discuss reactions to the information in your personalized feedback.  A student can choose to continue with ongoing counseling services following the completion of BASICS.


Call 231-7671.

BASICS appointments are scheduled by Counseling Center staff.  Office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00, Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-8:00.

Program Developer

BASICS is based on research conducted by G. Alan Marlatt, Ph.D. at the University of Washington.  Its aim is to reduce high-risk use of alcohol and other drugs as well as the potentially harmful problems associated with such use.  The program is non-confrontational, nonjudgmental, non-authoritarian, and non-labeling.

Concerned About Your Drinking?

Take a free, anonymous Online Screening. According to the online screening results, it may be suggested that you seek further evaluation and/or treatment. NDSU students may do this by scheduling a BASICS appointment at the Counseling Center (231-7671). If possible, please print out and bring the results of the screening with you to your BASICS appointment.

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