Xenon Arc Testing

Xenon arc testing is the simulation of full-spectrum sunlight. Rain and dew are simulated using an optional water spray system. The sequence of light, dark, and spray periods are automatically controlled. It is used to test the relative durability of materials. Deterioration observed including fading, chalking, cracking, crazing, hazing, blistering, gloss loss, strength loss, and embrittlement.

Atlas MTS Ci4000 Weather-Ometer: Multiple pre-programmed test options for custom testing. Air temperature, spray, and relative humidity are also adjustable.

  • Irradiance: 300-400 nm, 340 nm, 420 nm or Lux
  • Humidity control: 10%RH to 75%RH in light cycles, up to 100%RH in dark cycle

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Q-Lab Corporation Q-Sun 1000 Chamber


Full spectrum sunlight from xenon arc lamp, glass filters around the arc lamp alter the light spectrum for various tests. 

Relative Humidity: 80% (maximum) for temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% at 40°C.

The Q-Sun conforms to the following standards: ISO 4892, ASTM G151, ASTM G155, ASTM D2565, ASTM D4459, ASTM 6695.

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Q-Lab Corporation QUV SE chamber

QUV accelerated weathering tester reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, rain, and dew, by exposing materials to alternating cycles of UV light and moisture at controlled, elevated temperatures. Accommodates up to 48 specimens in one chamber. Features UV, condensation, and irradiance control. Runs a variety of standards.

Capability: 1) UVA-340 lamps (peak emission at 340 nm); 2) UVB-313 lamps (peak emission at 313 nm).

Standards: ASTM G151, ASTM G154, etc. more standards please click HERE

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Q-Fog CCT Cyclic Corrosion Tester

Q-Fog CCT cyclic corrosion tester provides laboratory simulations of natural corrosions. Depending on the standard run, Q-FOG test chambers cycle between fog, dry-off, 100% humidity, and dwell. The CCT-1100 can hold 240 test panels at a time.

Standards: Prohesion, ASTM B117, ASTM G85, BS3900, F4&F9, DIN 50.021, ISO 9227, GB/T 10125 and many others.

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