Jupiter XR Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

The Jupiter XR Atomic Force Microscope is the first and only large-sample AFM to offer both high-speed imaging and extended range in a single scanner. Jupiter provides complete 200 mm sample access and delivers higher resolution, faster results, a simpler user experience, and the versatility to excel in both academic research and industrial R&D laboratories.

  • Higher resolution than any other large-sample AFM
  • Extended range 100 μm scanner is 5-20× faster than most other AFMs
  • From setup to results, every step is simpler and faster
  • Modular design adapts to your needs for maximum flexibility
  • Blue drive tapping​
  • High speed of imaging 10-20-40 Hz​
  • High quality Liquid imaging​
  • Quick & easy setup: simple probe loading; automated laser alignment​

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Veeco Dimension 3100 Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

AFM images sample surfaces with the resolution of the orders of a nanometer. It can also measure surface roughness; probe force spectroscopy, magnetic structures, and conductive conditions with the image size of up to 100 µm X 100 µm. 

Capability: 1) Contact mode; 2) Tapping mode; 3) Nanoindentation; 4) Force Modulation; 5) Magnetic Force; 6) Liquid Contact and Tapping; 7) Conductive.

Sample: solid sample with smooth surface either in air or liquid. 

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