MacBeth Color Eye 7000 Spectrophotometer

MacBeth Color Eye 7000 Spectrophotometer can be used to check color of samples with pulsed xenon as the illumination source.

Spectral Range: 360 nm to 750 nm

Wavelength Interval: 10 nm

Photometric Range: 0%-200%

Capabilities: Transmission & Refectance

Aperture Size:

Large Area of View (LAV)25.4 mm (1")
Medium Area of View (MAV)15 mm (0.591")
Small Area of View (SAV)10 mm (0.394") by 7.5 mm (0.295")
Very Small Area of View (SAV)3 mm (0.118") by 8 mm (0.315")


BYK Spectro2guide Color Spectrophotometer

The spectro2guide spectrophotometer can be used to measure color and 60° gloss of solid samples simultaneously. Completely new and unique is the quantification of fluorescence by measuring like a fluorimeter with monochrome illuminations. 



  • 45°c:0° measuring geometry / d:8° sphere measuring geometry (spin/spex)
  • A portable spectrophotometer, gloss meter and a fluorimeter combined in one instrument

BYK-mac Spectrophotometer

 The BYK-mac spectrophotometer is unique as it measures both multi-angle color and flake characterization in one portable device.



  • Traditional 5-angle color measurement: 15° / 25° / 45° / 75° / 110°
  • Additional color measurement behind the gloss for color travel of interference pigments: -15°
  • Sparkle and graininess measurement for flake characterization
  • Spectral Range: 400 - 700 nm, 10 nm resolution


BYK Spectro2profiler Color Spectrophotometer

The spectro2profiler uses a circumferential illumination at 45° with 0° viewing. The circumferential illumination is essential to achieve repeatable measurement results on textured surfaces.

The spectro2profiler takes multiple images under different illumination directions to calculate and display 3D topography.

The spectro2profiler also measures the 60° gloss according to international standards.


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