Particle Sizing Systems Nicomp 380

Dynamic Light Scattering measures the size of particles in a liquid by measuring the intensity of light scattered from particles. As the particles move due to Brownian motion the light scattered from two or more particles constructively or destructively interferes at the detector. By calculating the autocorrelation function of the light intensity and assuming a particle distribution, it is possible to determine the sizes of particles. 

Capability: particle size: 3 nm to 5µm       

Sample: Diluted Liquid Suspension

Particle Sizing Systems SPOS 780A

Single Particle Optical Sizing passes particles through a narrow, rectangular region of uniform light produced by a laser. Upon contact with the particle, the light is either absorbed, refracted, or scattered. The SPOS technique used in the Accusizer 780 line of instruments employs a patented LE (light extinction)+LS (light scattering) dual detection system that allows for single particle sizing and counting down to 0.5 microns.

Capability: particle size: 0.5nm to 400µm

Sample: Diluted Liquid Suspension

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