The DBER community at NDSU brings together faculty and students from science, math, and engineering. We are dedicated to improving the learning experiences in STEM through research, classroom practice, professional development, and our graduate program in DBER.


More info coming soon! In the meantime, check out the individual pages of our faculty mentors!

DBER Graduate Program

The Graduate Program in DBER enables faculty and students to collaborate from departments and colleges across NDSU to research and advance evidence-based teaching and learning of undergraduate STEM. Our program is:

Interdisciplinary. At NDSU, faculty and students collaborate from departments and colleges across NDSU to advance the teaching and learning of undergraduate STEM.

Learner-centered. Our PhD program prepares students for a variety of careers in academe and beyond. Students work with mentoring teams to develop the skills and content knowledge they need to be successful in any career they choose.

Transformative. Our DBER community is committed to changing the way we teach STEM, from developing curriculum for SCALE UP classroom spaces to exploring how ungrading can promote deep and meaningful learning. We want all students to feel included in our classrooms, and we strive to support every student in realizing their dreams in science and engineering.

Find out more about our people and programs by exploring our website. Still have a question? Contact Jenni Momsen, STEM Education PhD Program Director.

DBER Journal Club

Each Friday, members and friends of NDSU's DBER community gather to discuss current research in education. Faculty and students take turns leading our discussions, presenting original research, or hosting invited speakers. All are welcome to join us! Find out more by contacting Dr. Jenni Momsen.

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