Graduate Trainees

Caitlin Anderson, Biological Sciences
Advisor: Jenni Momsen 

Anna Bahnson, STEM Education
Advisor: Jenni Momsen 

Wil Faulkner, Biological Sciences
Advisor: Lisa Montpliaisir 

Krystal Grieger, Chemistry

Advisor: James Nyachwaya

Emily Hackerson, Biological Sciences
Advisor: Jenni Momsen
Emily is actively involved with research in several areas, including collaborative learning implementing Scrum, student mindset, alternative grading practices, and student belief in genetic essentialism and determinism.

Safana Ismael, Physics
Advisor: Mila Kryevskaia
Safana Ismael is working on developing instructions to help students reason better. Recent studies show that some intuitive reasoning difficulties persist even after instructions. Those students possess prerequisite knowledge but jump to a conclusion each time they face a situation containing intuitive ideas. To help those students, we design instructional interventions that aim to improve students’ reasoning by helping them reflect on their responses and check the validity of such responses with formal physics knowledge.   

Nekeisha Johnson, Physics
Advisor: John Buncher
Nekeisha uses network analysis techniques to probe the interface of student mistakes when adding and subtracting vectors. 
Nekeisha's website

Alex Knopps, Psychology
Advisor: Katie Wissman 

Marley Lund-Peterson, Microbiology
Advisor: Danielle Condry 
Marley researches science communication efforts with a specific focus on elucidating how different factors impact science-based decision-making. Marley is also working on analyzing individual performance and misconceptions in undergraduate microbiology education through the Microbiology Concept Inventory. 

Idris Malik, Physics
Advisor: Warren Christensen
Idris Malik does research involving Math and Physics in Undergraduate Physics courses. Idris has worked on qualitative projects involving conceptions of Math and Physics related to Epistemic Messages, tutorials for math techniques with physics contexts, Meta-representational Competence in Quantum Mechanics, and a quantitative project involving student choice of STEM Fluency practice questions.
Idris' website

Johnny Nguyen, Microbiology
Advisor: Danielle Condry
Johnny has done work navigating the nuances between service-learning and community-engaged learning. He is currently using the Microbiology Concept Inventory to assess current students' content knowledge, identify misconceptions, and track conceptual development longitudinally across cohorts.

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