Collaborations in Discipline-Based Education Research (CiDER) Program

The CiDER program provides team-based mentoring and training for early-career STEM researchers.  If you seek to gain new knowledge, skills, and postdoctoral experiences to become an independent DBER scholar, you are in the right place. As a CiDER postdoc, you will be immersed in an interdisciplinary community of DBER researchers at NDSU, including faculty, other postdocs, and graduate and undergraduate students from various STEM disciplines. In year 1, you will participate in scaffolded research and professional development activities that will guide you through the stages of DBER scholarship while building research and institutional navigation skills. In Year 2, the scaffolding will fade, allowing you to gain further confidence in your work. You will emerge as an independent scholar ready to embark on a journey to develop your own research agenda. 

Throughout your participation in our program, you will engage in activities focused on your personal and professional goals while also fostering a sense of belonging in the field of DBER. You will acquire the skills needed to identify key research questions within the DBER community, design studies using appropriate research methods (such as surveys, interviews, and discourse analysis), and determine the correct sample size for your research.

Additionally, you will learn how to recruit participants ethically, select suitable statistical techniques, and effectively present and disseminate your findings. Through our program, you will understand the disciplinary norms of both DBER and traditional STEM fields, which will help you succeed in your future faculty roles.

  • You will work with a mentoring team that reflects diverse faculty skills, perspectives, and experiences, meets your specific needs and interests, and aligns with your research interests. 
  • More broadly, you and your cohort members will be integrated into an interdisciplinary community of researchers. You will become an active participant in regular community events, including the STEM Education Journal Club, where we discuss research articles, host speakers, and share emerging research ideas.
  • You and your peers will form a Postdoc Learning Community focused on various goals specific to your cohort. These goals may include discussing foundational papers in DBER and Cognitive Science, exploring research methods, providing peer review on research proposals and IRB protocols, critiquing research seminars, and many more.
  • You will have an opportunity to partner with our summer REU program, Growing Up STEM, to develop a research project suitable for a 10-week summer undergraduate research experience. You may lead the mentoring of an undergraduate REU student.  During the academic year, you may join a faculty member in co-mentoring graduate and undergraduate students who express interest in your research thread.
  • If interested, you can participate in mentored co-teaching in your field to improve your teaching skills and learn to balance teaching, research, and service responsibilities.

Learn more about the Fargo/Moorhead area (coming soon!) and our scientists.

If all this sounds good, we encourage you to apply today!

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