2021 Spring Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistant Office Hours

Most faculty will also accept office hours appointments made via email, as well as, the hours listed below.

Office Hours
Faculty NamePhoneLocationMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
Braaten, Benjamin231-7607EE 101BOffice hours by appointment only.
Cleveland, JerikaN/A
Dey, ShuvashisTBDEE 101U
George, Sumitha231-1734EE 101S
Glower, Jacob231-8068EE 201A
Green, Roger231-1024EE 215B11:00-11:50 AM11:00-11:50 AM11:00-11:50 AM
Shirani, Farhad231-1734EE 101D
Lima, Ivan231-6728Teams e-mail
10:45 AM-Noon10:45 AM-Noon
Maassel, Michael231-8049EE 101V
Maharjan, ManishaN/ATBD
Mathure, NimishN/ATBD
Nawarathna, Dharmakeerthi231-7916EE 101H
Ponugoti, Kushal KumarN/ATeams e-mail
Office hours by e-mail appointment.
Rogers, David231-5748EE 101JOffice hours by appointment only.
Srinivasan, Sudarshan231-7217EE 101P
Sun, Dali231-6659EE 101M
Tida, Umamaheswara231-5369EE 101K
Wang, Danling231-8396EE 101G
Wu, Di231-7414EE 101F
Zhang, Qifeng231-7402EE 101L


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