ECS Alumni

(In chronological order)

Alison Long│M.S., 2021
Advisor: Dr. Laura Aldrich-Wolfe│Biological Sciences
Thesis: to be provided
First Position: Science Fellow, The Nature Conservancy (Fargo, North Dakota)

Franklin Odili│M.S., 2021
Advisor: Dr. Halis Simsek│Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Thesis: Impact of Groundwater Table on Water Use, Yield, Root Distribution, and Seed Quality of Hard Red Spring Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
First Position: Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Coordinator I, Ultradent Products Inc. (South Jordan, Utah)

Hannah Passolt│M.S., 2021
Advisor: Dr. Marinus Otte│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Effects of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Carbon Nanotubes in Important Crop Species: Plant Growth and Element Uptake
First Position: Environmental Scientist, Houston Engineering Inc. (Fargo, North Dakota)

Mallory White│M.S., 2021
Advisor: Dr. Page Klug│Biological Sciences
Thesis: An Evaluation of the Social Perceptions and Biological Efficacy of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Avian-Agriculture Conflict
First Position: Survey Coordinator, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources

Rashad Alghamdi│Ph.D., 2021
Advisor: Dr. Larry Cihaceck│Soil Sciences
Thesis:Nitrogen Mineralization Dynamics of Post Harvest Crop Residue in No-Till System
First Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, North Dakota State University, College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Ruchi Bradwaj│Ph.D., 2021
Advisor: Dr. Eakalak Khan│Civil Engineering
Thesis: to be provided

Victoria Christensen│Ph.D., 2021
Advisor: Dr. Eakalak Khan│Civil Engineering
Thesis: to be provided
First Position: Research Hydrologist, USGS Upper Midwest Water Science Center

Jordan Dahle│M.S., 2021
Advisor: Dr. Ben Laabs│Geosciences
Thesis: Late Quaternary Glacier and Climate Change in the Northeastern Great Basin

Tonoy Das│Ph.D., 2021
Advisor: Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah│Civil Engineering
Thesis: Graphene Oxide Supported Metal Oxide Nanohybrids for Aqueous Arsenic Removal

Alicia Schlarb│M.S., 2021
Advisor: Dr. Matthew Smith│Biological Sciences
Thesis: The Effects of Salinity on Canadian Toad (Anaxyrus hemiophrys) Larvae and Post-Metamorphic Juveniles
First Position: Lead Fire Effects Specialist, National Park Service

Kristen Almen│M.S., 2020
Advisor: Dr. Xinhua Jia│Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Thesis: Impacts of Controlled Drainage and Subirrigation in The Red River Valley
First Position: Water Resources Research and Outreach Assistant, South Dakota State University, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering department (Brookings, South Dakota)

Kyle McLean│Ph.D., 2020
Advisor: Dr. Jon Sweetman│Biological Sciences
Thesis:Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Response to Shifts in Hydroclimatic Variability and Ecohydrological Conditions in Prairie Pothole Wetlands: Implications for Biodiversity Conservation

Gretchen O'Neil│Ph.D., 2020
Advisor: Dr. Lydia Tackett│Geosciences
Thesis: Taphonomic, Taxonomic, and Behavioral Diversity of Wormworld Fossil Assemblages from Ediacaran Units of the Western United States

Zachary Phillips│Ph.D., 2020
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Day│Geosciences
Thesis: Holocene Postglacial Fluvial Processes and Landforms in Low Relief Landscapes
First Position: Assistant Professor of Geographic Information Science, Environmental and Atmospheric Science Department, Saint Louis University (Saint Louis, Missouri)

Kevin Cortes│M.S., 2019
Advisor: Dr. Erin Gillam│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Migratory Ecology and Wing Morphology of North Dakota Bats

Priyanka Deka│Ph.D., 2019
Advisor: Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: The Effects of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on Plant and Host-Pathogen Interactions

Kaitlyn Fleming│M.S., 2019
Advisor: Dr. Ben Laabs│Geosciences
Thesis: Cosmogenic 10 Be Surface Exposure Dating and Numerical Modeling of Late Pleistocene Glaciers and Lakes in NW Nevada
First Position: Environmental Technician/Field Geologist at Bluestone Environmental, Inc.

Katy Goodwin│M.S., 2019
Advisor: Dr. Erin Gillam│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Bat Population Monitoring in National Parks of the Great Lakes Region and Evaluation of Bat Acoustic Analysis Software

Cole Huggins│M.S., 2019
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Day│Geosciences
Thesis: Performance of a Retrofit Detention Basin in Fargo, ND

Brandon Kaiser│M.S., 2019
Advisor: Dr. Page Klug│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Chemical Repellents for Reducing Blackbird Damage: The Importance of Plant Structure and Avian Behavior in Field Applications
First Position: Biologist, USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services (Missouri)

Nazea Khan Chowdhury│Ph.D., 2019
Advisor: Dr. David Roberts│Agribusiness & Applied Economics
Thesis: Crop Acreage Response Modeling in ND and the Greater Midwest 

Alec Lackmann│Ph.D., 2019
Advisor: Dr. Malcolm Butler│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Chironomids Then and Now: Climate Change Effects on a Tundra Food Web in the Alaskan Arctic
First Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota Duluth

Brandon Paulson│M.S., 2019
Advisor: Dr. Craig Stockwell│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Ex Situ Analyses of Non-Native Impacts on Imperiled Desert Fishes
First Position: Biological Science Technician, USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (Jamestown, North Dakota)

Madison Snider│M.S., 2019
Advisors: Dr. Craig Stockwell│Biological Sciences, and Dr. Brian Wisenden│MSUM Biosciences
Thesis: Antipredator Behavior and Morphology in Isolated Cyprinodont Fishes
First Position: Nationwide Children's Hospital (Columbus, Ohio)

Libby Sternhagen│M.S., 2019
Advisor: Dr. Laura Alrich-Wolfe│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Influences on Fungal Community Composition in Roots and Soil of Coffee and other Rubiaceae
First Position: Lab Manager, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center: Threatened and Endangered Species

Marina Martin│M.S., 2018
Advisor: Dr. Eakalak Khan│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Photodegradation of (E)- and (Z)- Endoxifen in Water by UV-Light and Natural Sunlight: Kinetics, Photodegradation By-Product, Toxicity Assessment and Acute Toxicity Study
First Position: Quality Control Analyst, Aldevron LLC (Fargo, North Dakota)

Conor Egan│M.S., 2018
Advisor: Dr. Page Klug│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Evaluating the Potential Utility of Drones to Deter Birds from Areas of Human-Wildlife Conflict
First Position: Biologist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Jessica Graham│Ph.D., 2018
Advisor: Dr. Tim Greives│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Reproductive Timing in a Changing World: Understanding Mechanisms and Costs Associated with Reproductive Timing Decisions
First Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre D'Ecologie Fonctionnelle & Evolutive (Montpellier, France)

Chaipon Juntawang│Ph.D., 2018
Advisor: Dr. Eakalak Khan│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Cell Entrapment for Mitigating Fouling in Membrane Bioreactors Treating Domestic Wastewater
First Position: Environmental Officer/Researcher, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Environmental Quality Promotion (Bangkok, Thailand)

Aurelia Kucera│Ph.D., 2018
Advisor: Dr. Britt Heidinger│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Sperm Telomere Dynamics: Natural Variation and Sensitivity to Environmental Influences in House Sparrows (Passer domesticus)

Suresh Niraula│Ph.D., 2018
Advisor: Dr. Shafiqur Rahman│Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Thesis: Determining Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Nitrogen Dynamics of Solid Beef Manure Applied to Fargo-Clay Soil of the Red River Valley

Sangita Shrestha│M.S., 2018
Advisor: Dr. Allan Ashworth│Geosciences
Thesis: Mid-Wisconsinan Climate Reconstruction Based on Fossil Beetles from Six Mile Creek, Ithaca, New York

Tyler Stadel│M.S., 2018
Advisor: Dr. Steven Travers│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Selection for Low Calcium Tolerance in Brassica rapa

Dharani Babu│M.S., 2018
Advisor: Dr. Igathinathane Cannayen│Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Thesis: Plant Stand Count and Weed Identification Mapping Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images

Sarah Tennefos│M.S., 2018
Advisor: Dr. Steven Travers│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Evidence of Inbreeding & Divergence in the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid

Nathan Williams│M.S., 2018
Advisor: Dr. Jon Sweetman│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Neonicotinoids: Assessing Their Distribution & Biological Effects to Prairie Pothole Wetlands
First Position: Wildlife Refugee Specialist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Rashad Alghamdi│M.S., 2017
Advisor: Dr. Aaron Daigh│Soil Science
Thesis: Soil Warming and Drying and the Consequences to Crop Yields among Conservation Tillage Practices in Frigid Corn-Soybean Fields
First Position: Ph.D. student, Environmental and Conservation Sciences, North Dakota State University

Soklida Hong│M.S., 2017
Advisor: Dr. Eakalak Khan│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Glutaraldehyde Removal from Produced Water Using Photolysis and Photocatalysis
First Position: Ph.D. student, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Heather Inczauskis│M.S., 2017
Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark│Biological Sciences
Thesis: The Need to Move: Exploring Landscape Connectivity Through the Eyes of the Northern Leopard Frog
First Position: Technician, Cascadia Conservation District (Wenatchee, Washington)

Jessica Mahoney│Ph.D., 2017
Advisor: Dr. Wendy Reed│Biological Sciences
Thesis: The Applicability of Physiology for Conservation and Management Purposes: A Case-Study Using the Breeding Season of the Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius Phoeniceus)
First Position: Head of Conservation Technology Program, Ellsworth Community College (Hampton, Iowa)

Katie Needham│Ph.D., 2017
Advisor: Dr. Tim Greives│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Examination of the Period of Preparation for Breeding in Male and Female Songbirds
First Position: Purina Animal Wellness

Nahar Nurun│Ph.D., 2017
Advisor: Dr. Scott Pryor│Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Thesis: Processing Trade-Offs in a Cellulosic Biorefinery
First Position: Assistant Professor of Practice, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering Department, North Dakota State University

Rezwanul Parvez│Ph.D., 2017
Advisor: Dr. David Ripplinger│Agribusiness & Applied Economics
Thesis: Essays on Land Conversion, Crop Acreage Response & Soil Conservation Benefits: Evidence from the Dakotas
First Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, Oklahoma)

Dhritikshama Roy│Ph.D., 2017
Advisor: Dr. Eakalak Khan│Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Dr. John McEvoy│Microbiological Sciences
Thesis: Ammonia Oxidizing Archaea in Engineered Water & Wastewater Systems: Presence, Activity, Relationship to Heavy Metal Inhibition & Disinfectants
First Position: Quality Control Analyst, Aldevron LLC (Fargo, North Dakota)

Papia Rozario│Ph.D., 2017
Advisor: Dr. Peter Oduor│Geosciences
Thesis: Quasi-Empirical & Spatio-Temporal Vulnerability Modeling of Environmental Risks Posed to a Watershed
First Position: Visiting Professor and GIS Specialist, Carleton College (Northfield, Minnesota)

Jeffrey Berens│M.S., 2016
Advisor: Dr. Ned Dochtermann│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Morphological Difference and Diversity of Small Mammal Species

Shane Braegelman│Ph.D., 2016
Advisor: Dr. Malcolm Butler│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Seasonal Emergence of Some Arctic Chironomids

Shawn Goodchild│Ph.D., 2016
Advisor: Dr. Craig Stockwell│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Life History & Interspecific Co-Persistence of Native Imperiled Fishes in Single & Multi-Species Ex Situ Refuges
First Position: Senior Research Biologist, Fig Lake Environmental Associates

Mohammad Hossain│Ph.D., 2016
Advisor: Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Iron Nanoparticles and Biopolymers for Plant Nutrient Fortification
First Position: Assistant Professor of Department of Soil, Water and Environment, University of Dhaka (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Stephanie Hummel│Ph.D., 2016
Advisor: Dr. Marinus Otte and Dr. Donna Jacob│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Understanding the Relationship Between Plant Communities, Fish Communities & Sediment Chemistry in Pristine Shallow Lake Wetlands, Red Lake, MN

Josiah Nelson│Ph.D., 2016
Advisor: Dr. Erin Gillam│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Habitat use and Foraging of Bats in North Dakota
First Position: US Forest Service

Emily Stewart│M.S., 2016
Advisor: Dr. Tim Greives│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Relationships Between Winter Social Dominance Hierarchies and Immune Function in the Black-Capped Chickadee
First Position: USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (Jamestown, North Dakota)

Veselina Valkov│Ph.D., 2016
Advisor: Dr. Wei Lin│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Impact of Artificial Aeration on Phytoplankton Growth & Seasonal Succession in a Eutrophic Lake
First Position: Research Specialist, Image Analyses Coordinator, Animal Science

Anusha Balangoda│Ph.D., 2015
Advisor: Dr. Shafiqur Rahman│Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Thesis: Impact of Artificial Aeration on Nutrients in a Small Eutrophic Lake 

Justin Fisher│Ph.D., 2015
Advisor: Dr. Craig Stockwell│Biological Sciences
Thesis: North Leopard Frogs in ND: Assessing the Conservation Status of a Widespread Species
First Position: USDA

Danijela Ljepoja│M.S., 2015
Advisor: Dr. Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat│Geosciences
Thesis: Characterization of Road Dust in Western North Dakota
First Position: Instructor, Gemological Institute of America (Carlsbad, California)

Kyle McLean│M.S., 2015
Advisor: Dr. Craig Stockwell│Biological Sciences
Thesis: The "Fathead Minnow Factory": Exploring How a Changing Climate has Influenced Fish and Salamander Communities in the Prairie Pothole Region
First Position: Ecologist, USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (Jamestown, North Dakota)

Karen Ryberg│Ph.D., 2015
Advisor: Dr. Anne Denton; Dr. Wei Lin│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Impact of Climate Variability on Streamflow and Water Quality in the North Central United States
First Position: Statistician, USGS (Bismarck, North Dakota)

Brianna Stenger│Ph.D., 2015
Advisors: Dr. John McEvoy│Microbiological Sciences, and Dr. Mark Clark│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Ecology of Cryptosporidium in Wild rodent Populations
First Position: Adjunct Instructor, Concordia College (Moorhead, Minnesota)

Aida Asgary│M.S., 2014
Advisor: Dr. Marinus Otte│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Multi-Element Analysis on Riparian Wetlands and River Sediment in North Dakota
First Position: Junior Specialist, Soil Hydrology Lab, University of California Davis (Davis, California)

Paul Barnhart│Ph.D., 2014
Advisor: Dr. Erin Gillam│Biological Sciences
Thesis: The Distribution and Habitat Use of North Dakota Bats
First Position: Assistant Professor, Dickinson State University (Dickinson, North Dakota)

Ruchi Joshi│M.S., 2014
Advisors: Dr. Eakalak Khan│Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Dr. John McEvoy│Microbiological Sciences
Thesis: In Vitro Enrichment of Phosphorylated Proteins From Synchronously Excysted Cryptosporidium Parvum
First Position: Ph.D. student, Environmental and Conservation Sciences, North Dakota State University

Tu Le│Ph.D., 2014
Advisors: Dr. Eakalak Khan│Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Dr. John McEvoy│Microbiological Sciences
Thesis: Impact of carbon nanotubes on bacterial viability: indicators, mitigation, and role of phage shock proteins
First Position: Lecturer, Department of Biology, Dalat University (Dalat, Vietnam)

Meridith Ramsey│M.S., 2014
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Lepper│Geosciences
Thesis: OSL Dating of High-Elevation Alluvial Sediments: McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antartica
First Position: Instructor, Minnesota State University Moorhead (Moorhead, Minnesota)

Mark Wiltermuth│Ph.D., 2014
Advisor: Dr. Mark Clark│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Influences of climate variability and landscape modifications on water dynamics, community structure, and amphipod populations in large prairie wetlands: Implications for waterbird conservation
First Position: Biologist, USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (Jamestown, North Dakota)

Thomas Zimmermann│M.S., 2014
Advisor: Dr. David Roberts│Agribusiness & Applied Economics
Thesis: Economic analyses of agricultural land-use change and agro-ecosystem services for waterfowl in North Dakota

Steven Burdick│M.S., 2013
Advisor: Dr. Jason Harmon│Entomology
Thesis: Interactions between ultraviolet light and soybean aphid, Aphis glycines Matsumura (Hemiptera: Aphididae)
First Position: North Dakota Forest Service

Seydou Cisse│M.S., 2013
Advisor: Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Use of biopolymer entrapped sulfate reducing bacteria and metal nanoparticles for effective aqueous sulfate removal

Bodini Herath│M.S., 2013
Advisor: Dr. Julia Bowsher│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Development and Genetic Regulation of the Novel Abdominal Appendages in the Male Sespid Fly, Themira Biloba

Deidra Lies│M.S., 2013
Advisor: Dr. Peter Oduor│Geosciences
Thesis: Evaluation of a nitrate assimilating bacterium for potential use in nitrate bioremediation

Buddhika Madurapperuma│Ph.D., 2013
Advisor: Dr. Peter Oduor│Geosciences
Thesis: From Bray-Curtis Ordination to Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation: Assessing Anthropogenically-Induced and/or Climatically-Induced Changes in Arboreal Ecosystems
First Position: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana)

Elise Maxson│M.S., 2013
Advisor: Dr. Steven Travers│Biological Sciences
Thesis: First flowering date trends in Clay County, Minnesota and pollination and life history characteristics of hoary puccoon (Lithospermum canescens)

Alex Yellick│M.S., 2013
Advisor: Dr. Marinus Otte│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Multi-Element Fingerprinting of Wetland Soil for Rapid Assessment
First Position: Associate Scientist, Environmental Resources Management (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Felix Zamora│M.S., 2013
Advisor: Dr. Adam Lewis│Geosciences
Thesis: Alluvial fans in the McMurdo Dry Valleys: A proxy for melting along terrestrial margins of the east Antarctic ice sheet

Talal Almeelbi│Ph.D., 2012
Advisor: Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Phosphate removal and recovery using iron nanoparticles and iron cross-linked biopolymer

Mohammad Anar│M.S., 2012
Advisor: Dr. Peter Oduor│Geosciences
Thesis: Attenuation of nitrate from simulated agricultural wastewater using an immobilized anaerobic biofilm 

Sujan Henkanaththegedara│Ph.D., 2012
Advisor: Dr. Craig Stockwell│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Ecological complexity of non-native species impacts in desert aquatic ecosystems
First Position: Postdoctoral fellow

La Toya Kissoon│Ph.D., 2012
Advisors: Dr. Marinus Otte and Dr. Donna Jacob│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Biogeochemistry of wet ecosystems: From root zone to landscape
First Position: Assistant Professor, Missouri State University (Springfield, Missouri)

Brandon Kowalski│M.S., 2012
Advisor: Dr. Craig Stockwell│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Body Shape Divergence Among Wild and Experimental Populations of White Sands Pupfish (Cyprinodon Tularosa)
First Position: Ecologist, USGS             

Andrew Ross│M.S., 2012
Advisor: Dr. Steven Travers│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Population Genetics of the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid
First Position: Technician, Plant Sciences Department, North Dakota State University

Jason Triplett│M.S., 2012
Advisor: Dr. Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat│Geosciences
Thesis: Identification and characterization of fibrous zeolites in western North Dakota
First Position: Richland High School (Colfax, North Dakota)

Nattapong Tuntiwiwattanapun│M.S., 2012
Advisor: Dr. Dennis Wiesenborn│Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Thesis: Development and Scale Up of Aqueous Surfactant-Assisted Extraction of Canola Oil for Use as Biodiesel Feedstock
First Position: Graduate student, Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand)

Anthony Wamono│M.S., 2012
Advisor: Dr. Peter Oduor│Geosciences
Thesis: Micro-Pore Parametrics for Optimal Hyperfiltration of Conservative Contaminants
First Position: Ph.D student, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering, North Dakota State University

Lucas Bicknell│M.S., 2011
Advisor: Dr. Erin Gillam│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Ecological and sociological considerations of wind energy: A multidisciplinary study
First Position: Associate Consultant, E3 Environmental (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Krittanut Chaithawiwat│M.S., 2011
Advisor: Advisors: Dr. Eakalak Khan│Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Dr. John McEvoy│ Microbiological Sciences
Thesis: Effects of nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI) on bacterial survivability: roles of growth phases and oxidative stress
First Position: Businessman (Bangkok, Thailand)

Qigang Chang│Ph.D., 2011
Advisor: Dr. Wei Lin│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Iron-inpregnated granular activated carbon for arsenic removal from drinking water
First Position: Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services (AE2S) (Fargo, North Dakota)

Samuel Jenkins│M.S., 2011
Advisor: Dr. Peter Oduor│Geosciences
Thesis: Multi-platform geospatial modeling of potential emerald ash borer infestation

Rabiya Shabnam│M.S., 2011
Advisor: Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Interaction of iron nanoparticles with microorganisms
First Position: Research Intern, Buck Institute for Research on Aging (Novato, California)

Alexander Smith│M.S., 2011
Advisor: Dr. Adam Lewis│Geosciences
Thesis: Sedimentology and stratigraphy of Miocene-age glacial deposits, Friis Hills, Antarctica

Sharmila Sunwar│Ph.D., 2011
Advisors: Dr. Marinus Otte and Dr. Donna Jacob│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Multi-element composition of Triglochin maritima L. from contrasting habitats including hot springs and metal enriched areas
First Position: University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Dimuthu Wijeyaratne│Ph.D., 2011
Advisors: Dr. Marinus Otte and Dr. Donna Jacob│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Multi-element fingerprinting of river sediments to identify diffuse pollution sources
First Position: Senior Lecturer, University of Kelaniya (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Gayatri Yellajosula│Ph.D., 2011
Advisor: Dr. Larry Cihacek│Soil Sciences
Thesis: Evaluation of soil carbon sequestration in the semi-arid regions of the northern Great Plains
First Position: NRCS (Oregon)

Wei Zheng│Ph.D., 2011
Advisor: Dr. Malcolm Butler│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Macroinvertebrate studies in the main stem Red River of the North: A prelude to bioassessment and biomonitoring

Shravan Avadhuta│M.S., 2010
Advisor: Dr. Xuefeng Chu│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Topography analysis: Evaluating DEM data sources for TWI calculation

Vijaya Jyoti│M.S., 2010
Advisor: Dr. Bernhardt Saini-Eidukat│Geosciences
Thesis: Trace element distribution in soils of the Pembina Escarpment, North Dakota
First Position: Ph.D. student, University of Massachusetts (Amherst, Massachusetts)

David Mushet│Ph.D., 2010
Advisor: Dr. Craig Stockwell│Biological Sciences
Thesis: From earth-observing space satellites to nuclear microsatellites: amphibian conservation in the northern Great Plains
First Position: USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (Jamestown, North Dakota)

Joseph Super│M.S., 2010
Advisor: Dr. Wei Lin│Civil & Environmental Engineering
Thesis: Souris River dissolved oxygen study in support of total maximum daily load development
First Position: High School Teacher, Minot School District (Minot, North Dakota)

Tanush Wadhawan│M.S., 2010
Advisors: Dr. Eakalak Khan│Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Dr. John McEvoy│Microbiological Sciences
Thesis: In situ quantification of hydrogelen trapped microbial cells
First Position: Ph.D. student, Civil & Environmental Engineering, North Dakota State University

Alex Buell│M.S., 2009
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Lepper│Geosciences
Thesis: An OSL chronology of Glacial Lake Agassiz beaches along Upham’s type transect
First Position: Research Support Services (Seattle, Washington)

Laurel Moulton│M.S., 2009
Advisor: Dr. William Bleier│Biological Sciences
Thesis: The behavior of Red-winged Blackbird floater males and their potential contribution to reproduction
First Position: Ph.D. student, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Akiko Nakamura│M.S., 2009
Advisor: Dr. Peter Oduor│Geosciences
Thesis: Geo-spatial reprioritization of potential North Dakota forest stewardship areas using survey statistics
First Position: East View Cartographic (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Kate Overmoe│M.S., 2009
Advisor: Dr. Xinhua Jia│Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
Thesis: Influence of Artificial Aeration on Water Quality at Heinrich-Martin Dam, North Dakota
First Position: Ph.D. student, University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, North Dakota)

Michelle Petersen│M.S., 2009
Advisor: Dr. William Bleier│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Response-scale approach to modeling breeding blackbird abundance in the prairie pothole region of North Dakota
First Position: Ph.D. student, Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton, Florida)

Jessie Rock│M.S., 2009
Advisor: Dr. Allan Ashworth│Geosciences
Thesis: Paleoclimatic Interpretation of the Moorhead Low Water Phase of Glacial Lake Agassiz in the Southern Basin based on Fossil Coleoptera Assemblages
First Position: Instructor, North Dakota State University

Derek Crompton│Ph.D., 2008
Advisor: Dr. Paul Ode│Entomology
Thesis: Soybean aphid, Aphis glycines Matumura (Homoptera: Aphididae): A new pest in the Red River Valley of the North
First Position: Pioneer Hi-Bred (Moorhead, Minnesota)

James Delmedico│M.S., 2008
Advisor: Dr. Wendy Reed│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Effects of reproduction on body condition in female Canada geese
First Position: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Vanessa O'Connor│M.S., 2008
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Lepper│Geosciences
Thesis: Optically stimulated luminescence dating properties of calcium, magnesium, and ferric sulfates: potentially important geochronometric minerals in Martian sediments
First Position: Murex Petroleum (Houston, Texas)

Xiana Santos│M.S., 2008
Advisor: Dr. Peter Oduor│Geosciences
Thesis: Biostimulated nitrate diminution using dead-end hyperfiltration
First Position: Ph.D. student, Mississippi State University (Starkville, Mississippi) 

Ali Tackett│M.S., 2008
Advisor: Dr. Craig Stockwell│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Genetic distribution and diversity of the Johnny darter (Etheostoma nigrum, Rafinesque) in the upper Midwest
First Position: Myriad Genetics Inc (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Joseph Allen│M.S., 2007
Advisor: Dr. Gary Nuechterlein│Biological Sciences
Thesis: Shallow lake disturbance: consequences for waterbirds
First Position: Ph.D. student, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Rebecca Andres│M.S., 2007
Advisor: Dr. David Rider│Entomology
Thesis: Effects of tallgrass prairie management (burning, haying, and grazing) on prairie bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) in Westren North Dakota
First Position: Lecturer, Moorhead State University (Moorhead, Minnesota) 

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