Student Highlight!

Ruchi Joshi Bhardwaj, Ph.D. student in Civil Engineering

Ruchi was nominated for the "Tapestry of Inclusion" award. The tapestry symbolizes diversity and inclusion on campus, and has hung in the Memorial Union since 1993.

Making Headlines

Congratulations Spring 2021 Graduates

Jordan Dahle, M.S.

Alison Long, M.S.

Alicia Schlarb, M.S.

Dr. Rashad Alghamdi

1st Certificated Flier in ND

Congratulations to Jessica Duttenhefner of the Klug lab who made history! She became the first person in North Dakota to become a certificated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Commercial Agricultural Aircraft Operator under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 137 with Special Authority for Certain Unmanned Aircraft Systems (49 U.S.C. §44807) (Exemption No. 18690).

2021 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Jeffrey Lackmann on receiving a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!! Jeffrey is a Biological Sciences MS student in the Aldrich-Wolfe lab 

Recent Student Publications

Chandler EK and Travers SE (2021) The timing of snowmelt and amount of winter precipitation have limited influence on flowering phenology in a tallgrass prairie 

Di Santo LN, Polgar M, Nies S*, Hodgkiss P, Canning CA, Wright JW, Hamilton JA (2021) Seed morphological traits as a tool to quantify variation maintained in ex situ collections: a case study in Pinus torreyana 

Das TK, Scott Q*, Bezbaruah AN (2021) Montmorillonite-iron crosslinked alginate beads for aqueous phosphate removal

Joshi R, Kasi M, Wadhawan, Khan E (2021)Production and removal of soluble organic nitrogen by nitrifying biofilm

Joshi R, Kasi M, Wadhawan, Khan E (2021)Investigating organic nitrogen production in activated sludge process: Size fraction and biodegradability

Joshi R, Ratpukdi T, Knutson K, Bhatnagar A, Khan E (2020)Bromate formation control by enhanced ozonation: A critical review

Sarkar D, Walker-Swaney J, Shetty K (2020) Food diversity and indigenous food systems to combat diet-linked chronic diseases

Hu K, Chen G, Gregory-Eaves I, Huang L, Chen X, Liu Y, Leavitt PR (2019) Hydrological fluctuations modulate phototrophic responses to nutrient fertilization in a large and shallow lake of Southwest China

Waraniak JM, Fisher JDL, Purcell K, Mushet DM, Stockwell CA (2019) Landscape genetics reveal broad and fine-scale population structure due to landscape features and climate history in the northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens) in North Dakota

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