News Highlights

Jeffrey Lackmann

Ph.D. Student
Biological Sciences

Congratulations to Jeffrey and his brother, Alec Lackmann, Ph.D. (ECS Alum), who recently published in Scientific Reports on buffalofishes living to be over 100 years old!! Read about this awesome work here!


Charles Nixon - NASA Internship
Charles Nixon, a PhD student in Earth, Environmental, and Geospatial Sciences completed an internship with NASA's DEVELOP national program! His team worked on a project looking at past climate effects on hydroperiods of seasonal pools in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in the Western Sonoran Desert in Arizona -- Read about it HERE!! 

3MT® Finalist
Ankita Sawant from the Aldrich-Wolfe lab represented ECS in the NDSU 3MT® championship round presenting on arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi!

Nanotech Student Award
Umer Aslam, an ECS Ph.D. student in Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering attended and presented at the 11th Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO) Conference and was awarded the SNO Student Award!

Legacy of Prairie Smoke
ECS Alum, Kate Volk, M.Sc., published her thesis work on Prairie Smoke in the American Journal of Botany, which is now being featured on the cover!

Making Headlines


Lackmann AR, Black SA, Bielak-Lackmann ES, Lackmann JA (2023) Centenarian lifespans of three freshwater fish species in Arizona reveal the exceptional longevity of the buffalofishes (Ictiobus)

Cornish CM, Bergholz P, Schmidt K, Sweetman J (2023) How Benthic Sediment Microbial Communities Respond to Glyphosate and Its Metabolite: a Microcosm Experiment

Johnson IMM, Hanson KA, Simon JM, Shastri A, Wisenden BD (2023) Ring a bell? Variable recognition of a multicomponent auditory stimulus assocated with predation risk by zebrafish responding to full and partial matches

Koyuncu B and Le TB (2022) On the Impacts of Ice Cover on Flow Profiles in a Bend

Hu K, Mushet DM, Sweetman JN (2022) Multiproxy paleolimnological records provide evidence for a shift to a new ecosystem state in the Northern Great Plains, USA

Chandler EK and Travers SE (2021) The timing of snowmelt and amount of winter precipitation have limited influence on flowering phenology in a tallgrass prairie 

Di Santo LN, Polgar M, Nies S*, Hodgkiss P, Canning CA, Wright JW, Hamilton JA (2021) Seed morphological traits as a tool to quantify variation maintained in ex situ collections: a case study in Pinus torreyana 

Das TK, Scott Q*, Bezbaruah AN (2021) Montmorillonite-iron crosslinked alginate beads for aqueous phosphate removal

Joshi R, Kasi M, Wadhawan, Khan E (2021)Production and removal of soluble organic nitrogen by nitrifying biofilm

Joshi R, Kasi M, Wadhawan, Khan E (2021)Investigating organic nitrogen production in activated sludge process: Size fraction and biodegradability

Joshi R, Ratpukdi T, Knutson K, Bhatnagar A, Khan E (2020)Bromate formation control by enhanced ozonation: A critical review

Sarkar D, Walker-Swaney J, Shetty K (2020) Food diversity and indigenous food systems to combat diet-linked chronic diseases

Hu K, Chen G, Gregory-Eaves I, Huang L, Chen X, Liu Y, Leavitt PR (2019) Hydrological fluctuations modulate phototrophic responses to nutrient fertilization in a large and shallow lake of Southwest China

Waraniak JM, Fisher JDL, Purcell K, Mushet DM, Stockwell CA (2019) Landscape genetics reveal broad and fine-scale population structure due to landscape features and climate history in the northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens) in North Dakota

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