Program Delivery Options


On-campus courses are delivered in the evening whenever possible using the Interactive Video Network (IVN) to increase accessibility for graduate students in classrooms throughout North Dakota and beyond. If the course is offered to students at a distance using IVN, students are expected to participate using an official IVN classroom. Any exceptions must be approved by course faculty on an individual basis.

Individuals interested in earning their M.Ed. should enroll in the on-campus method. Courses include both face-to-face (synchronous) and online (asynchronous) teaching methods. Candidates enrolled in face-to-face courses meet in real time on campus in Fargo and/or through NDSU's teleconferencing system for those at a distance. Our class sessions are intended to create relationships with NDSU faculty members and other candidates in the program.

Leadership Academy (K-12 Leadership Option)

The Leadership Academies (LAs) provide teachers in school districts within North Dakota the opportunity to earn their degree together as a group. Each academy has a District Liaison who is actively involved in the design and delivery of the model, and district initiatives are incorporated into each course. The LAs uses a cohort model so all candidates start the academy at the same time and take the same courses in the same sequence. LA courses are face-to-face with NDSU faculty teaching in the district.

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