M.Ed. and M.S. Admission Requirements

The following are the criteria that will be considered when making admission decisions:

  • A completed application
  • Official transcripts of all previous collegiate work, including one verifying graduation with a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  • A minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Resume including credentials, licenses and certificates
  • Two references that evaluate the applicant's potential for success as a graduate student in the chosen master's degree program and as an educational leader
  • K12 Educational Leadership Applicants - Write a Leadership Statement of no more than 1500 words wehre you address the following questions.  As you respond to the questions, please embed how equity and diversity relates to your Leadership Statement.  Consider the following as you write your statement:
    • What does leadership mean to you?
    • What are some of the most pressing issues in education that leaders are facing?
    • Who do you consider to be a good leader and why?
  • Also address two of the following:
    • Your passion as an educator: What guides your professional life?
    • Your growth as an educator: What has most significantly influenced you as an educator and how does this relate to your aspirations?
    • Describe an area of interest that typifies the kind of issue that you would like to pursue as a leadership professional and why you think it is important to address.
    • This pandemic has highlighted inequities in our society that have been ignored for a long time.  What do you feel are the topics that need to be urgently discussed to help us prepare students for their futures?
  • Higher Education Applicants - Write a personal statement (approximately 500-750 words, double-spaced) that addresses the following items instead of a leadership statement:
    • What experiences led to your interest in pursuing a masters degree at North Dakota State University?
    • How will the program at North Dakota State University help you meet your professional and personal goals?
    • What qualities, characteristics, and skills do you possess that will contribute to our community of scholars?  What makes you a strong candidate for the program?  Be sure to include relevant leadership experiences and any adversity or challenges you have overcome.
    • What else we should know about you and your background as we consider your application for admission.

Admission decisions are based upon the predicted success of the applicant as a student and professional in the chosen field and are made only after considering all available data.  A student must meet all requirements for full admission.

Admission Timeline:

Educational and Organizational Leadership faculty only review applications and admit students in each option area once per year for admission the following fall.

For the K-12 Leadership option: The NDSU Graduate School must have your complete files, including transcripts and reference letters, no later than April 1, to be considered for Fall admission.

For the Higher Education option: The NDSU Graduate School must have your complete files, including transcripts and reference letters, no later than February 1, to be considered for Fall admission.


After being accepted for graduate study in the School of Education, the student should contact an adviser assigned to her/him for assistance in filing a plan of study for consideration by the program.

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