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Welcome to the NDSU FORWARD homepage.  The FORWARD (Focus on Resources for Women's Advancement, Recruitment/Retention, and Development) Center for Gender Equity includes an array of campus-wide initiatives focused on gender parity and equity, with an emphasis on STEM women faculty.  FORWARD contributes to the Mission, Vision and Core Values of NDSU by participating in the ongoing work for diversity, equity, and inclusion that is hosted by the Office of the Vice Provost for Equity.

The work of the FORWARD program is supported by engagement in academic departments across the NDSU campus.  Three National Science Foundation (NSF) ADVANCE* awards have allowed FORWARD to addresses a number of institutional practices and policies that are central to fostering a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable campus. 

*ADVANCE Organizational Change for Gender Equity in STEM Academic Professions program contributes to the NSF's goal of a more diverse and capable science and engineering workforce by supporting the development of systemic approaches to increase the participation and advancement of women in academic STEM careers.

NDSU FORWARD began as a self-initiated group of NDSU faculty, staff, and administrators interested in submitting a NSF ADVANCE grant proposal.  Very soon, however, the group realized that, while they were developing the ADVANCE proposal, they could also initiate and encourage some institutional changes that would benefit and advance women faculty.

FORWARD, now with participation from each of NDSU's academic colleges, is committed to these specific goals:

  • Improve the climate across the campus and narrow the gap between men's and women's perceptions of the campus climate;
  • Employ targeted recruiting strategies to recruit women faculty;
  • Retain more women faculty through their probationary period and the promotion/tenure process;
  • Support women associate professors as they move to full professor, and hire advanced rank women to build a critical mass; and
  • Promote and hire women faculty into academic leadership positions.

FORWARD NSF ADVANCE award announcement

The ADVOCATE FORWARD project is designed to improve the recruitment, retention, promotion, and sustainability of women faculty in engineering. North Dakota State University (NDSU), through its ADVANCE program, developed and implemented a signature program called Advocates & Allies (A&A) designed to improve gender equity through the direct and proactive engagement of male faculty. The program is comprised of two-parts: Advocates, senior male faculty who educate themselves about issues of gender [in]equality; and Allies, male faculty whom the Advocates train as proponents for gender equity in their departments. These men serve as change agents, committing to be active and vocal proponents of gender diversity and equality specifically in terms of increasing the number of female faculty, encouraging the hiring and promotion of female faculty in administrative positions, and ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of women within their units.
NSF ADVANCE award announcement

CI – EISA cohort of women faculty and administrators from four Midwestern universities have joined forces to support women of color and women with family responsibilities to find faculty success in science, technology, engineering or math fields (STEM).  This cross-institutional project is supported by a three-year, $996,000 grant from the National Science Foundation’s ADVANCE program dedicated to advancing gender equity in academic STEM careers.  The focus of this collaboration is to work together to collect data, determine useful strategies, develop an Integrated Equity Support (IES) toolbox, and then to initiate a caucus that will promote and distribute that toolbox.

Canan Bilen-Green, the vice provost for faculty and equity at North Dakota State is joined by three project leaders for the other schools in the partnership: Carla Koretsky, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and professor of geological and environmental sciences at Western Michigan, Adrienne Minerick, dean of the College of Computing and professor of chemical engineering at Michigan Tech, and Cinzia Cervato, a Morrill Professor of geological and atmospheric sciences at Iowa State University.

NSF ADVANCE award announcement

FORWARD Offers Ally Training
Thursday, December 12, 2019.
2-4 pm in the Mandan room, MU.
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