Commission on the Status of Women Faculty

The Commission on the Status of Women Faculty (CSWF) is charged with proactive inquiry and advancing initiatives to more fully capitalize on the talent of women faculty to help NDSU achieve its goals.  CSWF will work with FORWARD, with the university administration, and through appropriate governance channels to address barriers to opportunity faced by women faculty.

The Role of the Commission Includes:

  • Respond to campus issues relevant to opportunities for women faculty
  • Proactively examine the university's policies impacting the advancement of women faculty
  • Monitor and benchmark the university's progress towards equal participation of women faculty throughout the university.

Ongoing and Recent Initiatives:

  • Institutionalization of CSWF
  • AADVANCE FORWARD Department Award
  • Policy 103 for PT and interim administrative positions
  • Childbearing leave
  • Modified duties
  • Facilitating dual career hiring
  • Vigilance for policy compliance

Initiatives in Development:

  • Administrator evaluations
  • Review of PTE policies
  • Role in Administrative Searches
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