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Previously Featured NDSU Faculty

Kendra Greenlee portrait

Kendra Greenlee, Assistant Professor Department of Biological Sciences (Insect Physiology and Immunology). Her research interests include body size variation and respiratory system physiology in insects, with an emphasis on the effects of hypoxia on respiratory functions and molting. She is also interested in insect immunity and the response to bacterial and parasite infections. Read more.

Marion Harris Portrait

Marion Harris, Professor, Department of Entomology, enjoys teaching. In her undergraduate general education class she teaches students about genetics by showing how fruit flies have been used as models for studying human biology, including reproductive behavior, learning and memory. Read More...

Karen Froelich Portrait

Karen Froelich’s current position in the College of Business at NDSU was guided in part by Betty Crocker. The Dilworth, MN, native graduated from NDSU with a bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition, and she wanted to be a Betty Crocker person at General Mills. Read More...

Rhonda Magel Picture

Rhonda Magel, Professor and Chair, Department of Statistics has taught undergraduate and graduate students both as majors and as non-majors and enjoys teaching a wide variety of students. This is one of her favorite aspects of the job in addition to pursuing research. Read more...

Portrait of Kalpana Katti

Kalpana Katti, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering has taken part in creating new courses on Biomaterials and Nanotechnology for graduate students at NDSU and says she has some of the best students at NDSU in her classes. Read More...

Portrait of Wenfang Sun

Wenfang Sun, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Microbiology, and the only female faculty member in the department, stands tall and confident in her petite frame, sitting at her desk in her immaculate office in Dunbar Hall. Read More...

Portrait of Charlene Wolf-Hall

Charlene Wolf-Hall remembers being eight or so and watching steam rising from silage piles on her family’s South Dakota farm (near Mitchell). She believes an interest in scientific inquiry was planted as her father explained to her the processes of fermentation. Read More...

Portrait of Claire Strom

Claire Strom came to NDSU in 2000 as an assistant professor of history. She teaches classes in public history and historical methodology as well as about the American South. Read More...

Portrait of Anissa Wilhelm

An Assistant Professor in Agriculture Education, Dr. Anissa Wilhelm began her appointment at NDSU in fall of 1998. As a teacher of teachers, she takes seriously her role as a model of effective teaching strategies and keeps a focus on student development. Read More...

Portrait of Deanna Sellnow

Deanna Sellnow, Associate Professor of Communication, directs the NDSU Department of Communication’s basic course program which she has done for eleven years. Read More...

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Last Updated: Wednesday, October 22, 2008
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