Welcome to the College of Health and Human Sciences! We focus on preparing students to become leaders in their fields through programs that span the human life cycle.

What we do

The NDSU College of Health and Human Sciences helps prepare students in the following fields:  allied sciences such as respiratory care, medical lab science, and radiologic sciences; counselor education; health, nutrition, and exercise sciences; health services; human development and family science; nursing; pharmacy practice; pharmaceutical sciences; and public health. The college focuses on team-based education offering undergraduate and graduate level degrees and certificates in multiple programs through on-site and online opportunities.

How we do it

Most importantly, we offer students paths to prepare for rewarding careers that help others improve their health and well-being. In short, students in our programs gain skills and experience that make a difference in the lives of others.

Students can engage in learning inside and outside the classroom, through practicums, internships, research, clinical placements, and student organizations. They also receive support through generous scholarships from donors, educational incentives from future employers, professional advising, and a variety of peer and formal support services.

Our faculty are leaders in their fields, with clinical and professional ties that assist students in gaining knowledge, experience, and research opportunities. Programs offered in Health and Human Sciences engage students in fields that are in-demand with future employers. Through our programs, graduates gain high level science-based skills, paired with the commitment to ethical and compassionate care for patients, clients, athletes, and others they will serve in their respective fields.

We welcome students, prospective students, graduates, alumni, supporters, families, and educational partners to be part of the breadth of activities in the College of Health and Human Sciences at NDSU!

Dr. Ronald Werner-Wilson
Interim Dean
NDSU College of Health and Human Sciences

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