Health and Human Sciences Advisors

Academic Advisors are assigned using various criteria across campus.  You can always obtain the name of your current Academic Advisor by accessing your “Student Center” page on Campus Connection. Your advisor’s information will be listed in the lower right blue box. 



Hope Ray, Lead Academic Advisor, EML 270A/Sudro 131K, 701-231-6060

  • Health Services
  • Nursing A-E
  • CHHS Lead Academic Advisor



Angie Walswick, Academic Advisor/Lecturer, Sudro 131N, 701-231-6656

  • Allied Sciences: Respiratory Care, Radiologic Sciences, Medical Laboratory Science



Robert Dirk, Academic Advisor, E. Morrow Lebedeff Hall 270C, 701-231-9848

  • Exercise Science, Nutrition Science, Sport Management



Amolia Schumacher, Academic Advisor, E. Morrow Lebedeff Hall 270B, 701-231-9849

  • Human Development and Family Science (HDFS); Elementary Education w/HDFS; Social Work w/HDFS

Jae Pedersen, Academic Advisor, Sudro 131

  • Nursing F-J
  • Pharmacy


Kelly Monroe, Academic Advisor, Sudro 131H, 701-231-6115

  • Nursing K-Z



Tammy Heupel, Academic Advisor, Bismarck Sanford 130B

  • Bismarck nursing students

Karla Haug, Director of LPN-BSN Program, 701-231-5128, Aldevron Tower 540S

  • LPN to BSN Program

Holly Sandhurst, Director of RN-BSN Program, 701-231-7886, Aldevron Tower 540P

  • AD-RN to BSN Program
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