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Department Faculty and Staff

Ashley Baggett - Women’s History, Gender Studies, Medical History, 19th century U.S.

Tracy Barrett - East & Southeast Asia, Overseas Chinese

Bradley Benton - Colonial Latin America

Anne Blankenship - Religious Studies

Sean Burt - Religious Studies

Dennis Cooley - Philosophy & Ethics

John K. Cox - 20th-century Balkans, Ottoman Empire, Modern Russia

Anthony Flood - Philosophy, Logic

Don Johnson - Colonial and Revolutionary America

Mark Harvey - U.S. West, Environmental, Public

John Helgeland - Western Religious and Cultural, Ancient, Philosophy of History

Thomas Isern - Great Plains, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, Agricultural

Ineke Justitz - (Emerita) Western Civilization, Early Modern Europe, Renaissance & Reformation

Bradley Morris - Philosophy & Ethics

Angela Smith - 20th-century U.S., Public

Adam Taylor-Philosophy & Ethics

Terence (Jack) Jackson - Administrative Secretary

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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