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Dennis Cooley

Professor Cooley

Professor of Philosophy

PhD 1995, University of Rochester


Telephone: (701) 231-7038

422J Minard Hall

Areas of Interest and Specialization: Ethics (especially Bioethics, Environmental, Agricultural, Medical, Business, Professional, and Theoretical Ethics), History of Modern Philosophy. 


2012 Passing/Out: Identity Veiled and Revealed Dennis Cooley and Kelby Harrison (editors), (Ashgate Press: UK)

2009 Technology, Transgenics, and a Practical Moral Code,The International Library of Ethics, Law and Technology series , Vol. 4. (Springer: Dordrecht, The Netherlands)

Re-imaging Death and Dying, Dennis R. Cooley and Lloyd Steffen (editors), Inter,

2013 The Ethics of Death (monograph with Lloyd Steffen) (Fortress Press: Minneapolis, MN)

Articles (Refereed):
2012 “Epistemic Closure’s Clash with Technology in New Markets” Journal of Business Ethics, Volume 108, Issue 2: 181-199

2011 “Sex Selection Abortion in Kazakhstan: Understanding One Moral Justification” (with Irina Chesnokova) Developing World Bioethics, Volume 11, Issue 3: 154–160

2010 “Communicating and Philosophizing about Authenticity or Inauthenticity in a Fast-Paced World” Becky DeGreef, Ann Burnett, and Dennis Cooley, Journal of Happiness Studies, 11(4): 395-408.

"Is There a Duty to be Out?” American Philosophical Association LGBT Newsletter, Fall 2010, 10-6.

2009 “Environmental Tobacco Smoke as Child Abuse or Endangerment: A Case for Expanded Regulation” Public Affairs Quarterly, Vol. 23, No. 3: 181-221.

“Understanding Social Welfare Capitalism, Private Property, and the Government’s Duty to Create a Sustainable Environment” Journal of Business Ethics, 89(3): 351-369.

2008 “Genetically Engineering Human-Animal Chimeras and Lives Worth Living” Between the Species, VIII, August 2008,

2007 “Non-Heterosexuals in Heterosexual Marriages as a Form of Spousal Abuse” International Journal of Applied Ethics, 21(2): 161-179.

“A Kantian Moral Duty for the Soon to Be Demented to Commit Suicide” American Journal of Bioethics 7(6): 37-44.

“Response to Open Peer Commentaries on “A Kantian Moral Duty for the Soon to Be Demented to Commit Suicide” American Journal of Bioethics 7(6): W1-W3.

“Deaf by Design: A Business Argument Against Engineering Disabled Offspring” Journal of Business Ethics 71(2): 209-227.

2006 “Crimina Carnis and Morally Obligatory Suicide” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 9: 327-356.

2005 “Hospitality Industry Smoking Bans and Child Endangerment: A Question of Priorities” Business and Professional Ethics Journal, 24(3): 59-90.

2004 “Transgenic Organisms and the failure of a free market argument” Business Ethics: A European Review, 13(4): 354-371.

“Practical Moral Codes in the Transgenic Organism Debate” Gary Goreham and George Youngs Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 17(4): 1-8.

“Are Transgenic Organisms Unnatural?” Ethics & The Environment,9(1): 46-55 with Gary Goreham.

“The Moral Paradigm Test” Journal of Business Ethics, 50: 289-294.

“Transgenic Organisms and Some Legal Ethics” Public Affairs Quarterly,18(2): 91-110.

2003 “Strict Joint and Several Liability and Justice” Journal of Business Ethics,47: 199-208.

2002 “So Who’s Afraid of Frankenstein Foods?” Journal of Social Philosophy, XXXIII(3): 442-463.

“The CIOMS’s Distributive Justice Principle: A Reply to Dr. Benatar” Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, 23: 11-18.

“False Friends” Journal of Business Ethics 36(3): 195-206.

2001 “Distributive Justice and Clinical Trials in the Third World” Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, 22: 151-167.

2000 “Good Enough for the Third World” The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 25(4): 427-450.

“Re-Adjusting Utility for Justice” Journal of Philosophical Research, XXV: 363-380.

1998 “The Millennium Problem and the Marketplace of Ideas: Insights into Freedom, Responsibility, and Technological Development” with Scott DeVito Public Affairs Quarterly, 12(3): 243-286.

1996 “Deep Pockets and Justice” Proceedings: Third International Conference Promoting Business Ethics, Disk II.

Book Chapters:
2012 “Is there a Duty to be Out?” in Passing/Out: Identity Veiled and Revealed, Dennis Cooley and Kelby Harrison (editors) (Ashgate: Farnham, UK): 43-50.

“Accepting Death for One’s Happiness” in New Perspectives on the End of Life: Essays on Care and the Intimacy of Dying, Lloyd Steffen and Nate Hinerman (editors). (Rodopi Press: Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

2009 “Kantian Obligatory Suicide: Further Developments” in Dennis R. Cooley and Lloyd Steffen (editors),,

2007 “Transgenic Organisms, the European Union, and the World Trade Organization” in The Ethics Of Genetic Commerce. Robert W. Kolb editor. (Blackwell Publishers: Blackwood, NJ, 2007): 87-108.

“Genetically Modified Organisms and Business duties” in Ethical Theory and Business, 8th edition. Tom Beauchamp, Norman Bowie, and Denis Arnold, editors, (Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River, NJ).

“Monsanto’s Round-up Ready Wheat” in Ethical Theory and Business, 8th edition. Tom Beauchamp, Norman Bowie, and Denis Arnold, editors, (Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River, NJ).

2003 “Nazi Experiments and Stem Cell Research” in Stem Cell Research, James M. Humber and Robert F. Almeder (eds) (Humana Press Inc: Totowa, NJ, 2003): 61-85.

“An Argument for the Necessity of Voting Student IRB Members” IRB: Ethics & Human Research.

“Dante, Guilt, and Moral Dilemmas”

“Is genetically engineered programmed or compressed death therapy or enhancement?”

“Professionally Profiting from Bigotry”

“Can Race, Sexual Orientation, etc. be Morally Relevant Employment Characteristics? The Responsibility Criterion Reconsidered”

Classes Taught:

Selected Topics in Applied Ethics Business Ethics

Introduction to Ethics Professional Ethics

Introduction to Philosophy Logic

Contemporary Moral Issues Bioethics

Philosophy of Sex and Love Ethical Theory

History of Modern Philosophy Philosophy of Education

Medical Ethics Humanities I Humanities II

Philosophy and Literature Philosophy of Language

Directed Studies:

Moral National Health Care Rationalism/Empiricism

Medicine and the Third World Teaching Professional

National Testing Standards Moral Psychology

The Physician’s Obligations Privacy and the Internet

Philosophy of Law Informal Logic

Human Nature from Buddha to Lewis

Children’s Moral Development and the Internet 

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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