What Will It Cost?

There are four potential areas of cost associated with participating in document imaging.

Document Storage

For any department that stores documents in the system, an annual storage fee of $1.50 per Gigabyte will be charged to each department based on the total file size of stored documents at the time of billing. (Departments who have view-only access to documents owned by other departments will not be charged for the storage of those documents.)


If your department plans on scanning a large volume of paper documents, you may wish to purchase a document scanner. A scanner may be purchased through the NDSU Bookstore at an approximate cost of $750-1,500 (depending on model). Please consult a Campus Liaison prior to purchasing a scanner to see if any scanners are available via departmental surplus. See the Scanners page for more information.

NOTE: Several departments with lower-volume scanning needs have chosen to use their departmental multi-function printer/scanner/copier/fax machine instead of purchasing a separate scanner. The departmental scanner can send scanned documents to a designated email address as an attachment which can then be captured using the ImageNow Printer that is included with the desktop client software.

Capture License

Purchasing a scanner also requires the purchase of a CaptureNow license that establishes a connection between the scanner and the document imaging system. The purchase of a capture license should be initiated by contacting a Campus Liaison but will ultimately be ordered through NDUS. The cost of the CaptureNow license is an ongoing annual cost of $400 per year per license, which covers the cost of the support and maintenance fee for the license.

NOTE: A capture license is not required for departments electing to use their departmental multi-function printer/scanner/copier/fax machine.

TransForm Designer License

A TransForm is an electronic form that can be published online and directly submitted into the document imaging system. A TransForm Designer License is required to access the form designer software used to develop and manage the forms. NDSU currently has three paid-for TransForm Designer licenses. Additional licenses, if needed, may be purchased at a cost of $252 per year.


HAVE QUESTIONS about Document Imaging?... Please contact:

A.J. Klein, 701-231-7983, andrew.j.klein@ndsu.edu

112 Morrill Hall
Enrollment Management Administrative Systems
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