Partners of Information Technology

NDSU benefits from a large network of groups and individuals who collaborate to provide innovative technology solutions for teaching, learning and research. If you are interested in connecting with any of our partner groups, please contact Kristi Steinmann.

CMS User Group

The CMS Users Group is a community of Web authors using NDSU's content management system. Group members exchange information and meet to discuss major upgrades.

Cyber Security Group

This special-interest group of technical professionals, communication liaisons and data stewards gather to share strategies and best practices for securing systems and protecting data.

Faculty Senate Technology and Instructional Services

Technology and Instructional Services is a standing committee on NDSU's Faculty Senate, serving as a liaison between the Faculty Senate and administration in the Information Technology Division.

Instructional Designers

Instructional Designers play a key role in supporting pedagogical use of technology on campus. The Instructional Designers group meets periodically with staff in the Information Technology Division to discuss plans, changes and issues related to classroom technology and instructional services.

IT Communication Liaisons

The IT Communication Liaisons members are appointed by their home departments to serve as conduits for information and feedback regarding campus information technology. The group meets monthly to learn about and discuss a variety of technology plans, projects and issues.

IT Council

The Information Technology Council serves in a consultative capacity to the Vice President for Information Technology regarding IT strategic planning, policy development and service review for the university.

IT Technical Professionals

The IT Technical Professionals is a special-interest group that provides the opportunity for technical discussions and exchange of information between distributed technical staff and the Information Technology Division.

Learning Spaces Executive Committee

The Learning Spaces Executive Committee provides advice to the provost concerning the scheduling, use, renovation and creation of learning spaces on campus. Learning spaces include classrooms, laboratories, study areas, computer labs and other rooms where students learn and study. The committee is chaired by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and members include representatives from the Office of the Registrar, Facilities Management, Information Technology, the Office of Teaching and Learning and the Libraries.

Records Management Advisory Committee

The Records Management Advisory Committee serves as the overarching governance of NDSU's Records Management program, providing oversight, guidance and direction.

Research Data Working Group

The Research Data Working Group includes representatives from Research and Creative Activity, NDSU Libraries and the Information Technology Division who provide assistance with grant proposal development in the areas of IT needs and data management planning.

RHA Campus Services Representatives

A group of 12 students from the Residence Hall Association meet monthly with staff in the Information Technology Division to learn about trends and upcoming changes to campus technologies. Students share what they learn with their peers in the Residence Halls. They also gather feedback from their peers regarding student experiences with campus technology services and resources.

Software Contacts

Software Contacts are appointed to serve as a liaison between their respective department and the IT Software Licensing Coordinator regarding software licensing questions, software orders and other software assets and licensing issues.

Staff Senate IT Committee

The Staff Senate Information Technology Committee disseminates information and updates regarding information technology to Staff Senate and carries concerns from Staff Senate to the Information Technology Division.

Student Government Office of Technology

The Student Government Executive Commissioner of Technology represents the technology needs of NDSU students and works with the Information Technology Division to ensure proper usage of the student technology fee.

Technology Fee Advisory Committee

The Technology Fee Advisory Committee meets periodically during the academic year to discuss and formulate recommendations to the Vice President for Information Technology about supporting projects that improve the information technology capabilities on campus by the appropriate use of the technology fee. 

Technology In Education and Research (TIER) Committee

The Human Development and Education Department's Technology in Education and Research (TIER) Committee conducts an annual review of HDE technology support services, shares experiences with pedagogical application of technologies and formulates recommendations on the unmet technology needs of the HDE faculty. The committee also facilitates and enhances HDE research efforts through the use of technology.

Telephone Administrators

Telephone Administrators provide direct services to NDSU departments for all telecommunications needs. They are the first point of contact for new requests, changes and issues related to telecommunications services.

Unit Records Coordinators

Unit Records Coordinators serve as liaisons between their respective units and the Records Management Coordinator, contributing to NDSU's Records Management Program.

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