Do you have an example of a "welcoming and inclusive" statement that I can put in my course syllabus?

We have used the following statement on course syllabi. Feel free to copy and/or edit this statement to best fit your needs:

Because this class requires us to talk about aspects of our lives and those around us, a high level of respect for yourself and others is required. The use of discriminatory words and terms will not be allowed within this classroom. As students you are expected to have an open mind in this class and to expand your perspectives of the world around you. Remember to keep your sense of humor as there may be cases of disagreement and sensitive topics. Listen respectfully to one another and reserve judgment. Anyone who is unwilling to follow these guidelines will be asked to leave the class.

This course deals with subjects that many people find sensitive and highly charged.  Some of the readings contain strong language and graphic descriptions of violence and sexual situations, and some of the authors take political stances with which you might personally disagree.  Please keep an open mind both to the readings and to the views of your classmates with whom you might have differences.  Please remember that in a university classroom, you must be able to differentiate between emotions and personal opinions on the one hand, and reasoned analysis of the course material on the other.

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