Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are multicultural students?

Most multicultural students attending North Dakota State University come from these groups: African American/Black; American Indian/Alaska Native; Asian/Pacific Islander; and Hispanic/Latino/Chicano. Students from other traditionally underrepresented groups are also considered multicultural. All are either permanent residents or U.S. citizens.


What is the difference between the Office of Multicultural Programs and International Programs?

Office of Multicultural Programs serves students who are from one of the groups mentioned above and are either permanent residents or citizens of the United States. NDSU's International Programs Office serves students who are temporarily in the United States studying under a student visa. In addition, International Programs serves NDSU students interested in pursuing educational experiences in other countries (Study Abroad Program).


Who is eligible to apply for the Cultural Diversity Tuition Discount and where do I find it on-line?

The Cultural Diversity Tuition Discount is administered by NDSU's Admissions Office. In general, however, all multicultural students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply for the discount. Students must be fully admitted to NDSU, not under conditional nor under provisional status.

Although the Office of Multicultural Programs provides follow-up with current students receiving the Cultural Diversity Tuition Discount, all questions should be addressed to the NDSU Admissions Office.   Please see our Scholarships & Tuition Assistance page for additional information.


How can I apply for financial aid from my home reservation?

American Indian students can obtain applications for tribal scholarships at the Office of Multicultural Programs, 178 Memorial Union at NDSU. The Office of Multicultural Programs also provides application forms for other financial assistance available through American Indian education departments and offices on North Dakota reservations.


How can I get involved in multicultural activities?

Students can get involved by contacting the Office of Multicultural Programs at (701) 231-1029. Many cultural and social events involve students and student organizations. The Office of Multicultural Programs staff also invites student organization members to help plan and co-sponsor a number of cultural programming throughout the year. See the "Cultural Events" link on the left side of this page for information on specific cultural events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Programs.


How do I join the multicultural student organizations?

Students can join multicultural student organizations by attending events early in Fall Semester or throughout the school year. Student socials in August and September serve to "jump-start" the organizations for the new academic year. If students are unable to attend these events, they should contact the organization presidents, Student Activities Office at (701) 231-7787 or the Office of Multicultural Programs at (701) 231-1029.


For a complete list of student organizations at NDSU, click here.

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