Updated: Sept 30, 2015


The North Dakota Science Olympiad web site is the official source of information for the State Olympiad Event, including last-minute updates and postings. Coaches and students are to visit this web site for updates and rules clarifications, including immediately prior to a team's departure for the State Olympiad event (State Olympiad Policy). Links below will be activated as soon as this information is available. Please be sure to press your web brower's "Refresh" key to view the latest versions of each web page or linked documents.

  • The 2015 North Dakota State Science Olympiad was held at NDSU on April 18, 2015. A copy of the 2015 program is available.
  • The 2016 North Dakota State Science Olympiad will be at NDSU on April 16, 2016.
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  • Announcements
    • 2015 ND Regional Results
    • Final 2015 ND State Olympiad Results
      • Division B
        • Accepted Appeal: Fossils - Carrington now has a 17, Divide County has a 0.
      • Division C
        • Accepted Appeal: Bungee Drop - Bismarck High now has a 23, scores below that modified.
        • Accepted Appeal: Scrambler - MLS now has a 20, scores below that modified.
  • How to participate (Organizing a team)
  • Printable Map of NDSU     PDF Format.
  • North Dakota Road Conditions    The color map is updated approximately hourly.
  • State and National Rules Clarifications    (Updated: March 26, 2015.)
  • North Dakota Regional and State Olympiad Contacts
  • State Olympiad Policies    (Updated: May 9, 2012.)
  • National Science Olympiad Code of Conduct
  • Previous ND Science Olympiad Results
  • Links and Resources

  • 2015 Important Dates
    Event Site Date
    Bismarck State College 3/31/2016
    Dickinson State University 3/8/2016
    Minot State University 3/15/2016
    Dakota College at Bottineau 3/31/2016
    Valley City State University 3/24/2016
    ND SO State Tournament at NDSU 4/16/2016

    The North Dakota Science Olympiad Home Page is hosted in public service by the Center for Science & Mathematics Education at North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota, USA.

    For further information on the North Dakota Science Olympiad, please contact us:
    Guy Hokanson, Director
    NDSU Dept of Computer Science
    QBB 150A3 - Dept. 2740
    P.O. Box 6050
    Fargo, ND 58108-6050
    Tel.: (701) 231-5987