Employee Parking Permits

Annual Permits

2022-23 Annual employee parking permits are available to purchase online now! Employees may purchase a parking permit for the lot(s) associated with their department but must be allocated to a permit type by their department. Full and part-time, benefited employees’ may purchase parking permits online with payroll deductions or a debit/credit cards. Non benefited and temporary employees may purchase permits online with debit/credit cards only.

Additionally, FargoDome parking permits are available to purchase online now. Employees wishing to forego their assigned lot are welcome to use this economical alternative. FargoDome permits are not valid anywhere except FargoDome lots C, D or E and are not valid in conjunction with any other permit.

If you are an employee eligible to receive a Campus Wide permit, please complete the Campus Wide Permit Application. This permit type is only for employees needing access to multiple areas on campus, daily, for work related tasks or functions. Once the form is completed and approved, you will receive a confirmation email. Your next step will be to purchase the Campus Wide permit online through the NDSU Parking Portal.

Each employee is eligible for one parking permit.  Permits become valid upon purchase and expire August 15, 2023. Employee permits are non-refundable.

Annual Employee Permits: $185.00
FargoDome Permits: $60.00

*A $20.00 convenience fee will be added to the cost of a permit when purchasing in-person at the NDSU Parking Office.


Temporary Permits

Temporary permits may be purchased by employees online through the NDSU Parking Portal for select employee lots. Whether an employee only needs a permit on a part-time basis or if they forget their annual permit at home, we have an online solution for you! You will be asked to select the appropriate employee lot when purchasing.

Please print the permit at the end of the transaction and display in your vehicle. Be sure the license plate information entered matches the license plate information of your vehicle.Temporary permits are non-refundable and can only be paid with a debit/credit card. Payroll deductions will not be accepted as a valid payment method for temporary permits.

Temporary Permits: $2.00 a day

Online Ordering Instructions

Only NDSU employees may purchase an employee permit. Graduate students/assistants may ONLY purchase a student permit.

New employees, who do not have People Soft HRMS login credentials, must come to the NDSU Parking Office to purchase a permit. The $20.00 fee for purchasing a permit in-person will not be charged to new employees.

Requirements for Online Permit Purchasing:
  1. Your PeopleSoft HRMS login credentials
  2. A valid email address
  3. A campus mail address
  4. Complete vehicle information (i.e.: valid license plate number, vehicle make and model)
Online Purchasing Instructions:
  1. Make sure to allow for all cookies and pop ups.
  2. Log into the NDSU Parking Portal and select Affiliated Login.
  3. Sign in with your PeopleSoft HRMS user ID and password.
  4. Select Get Permits and read all permit instructions.
  5. Select the classification that pertains to you, followed by the permit/lot you have been assigned to.
  6. Proceed with your purchase.
    • If paying with payroll deductions for an annual permit, select NDSU Payroll Deduction in the drop down box.
  7. Please read your receipt and pay close attention to the delivery/print out instructions.


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