Employee Parking

Welcome to the NDSU Parking and Transportation Services' Website!

Per NDSU Parking regulation number 24, "Unauthorized vehicles are prohibited from parking on campus streets".

Buy a Parking Permit
Employees are eligible to purchase annual parking permits for the NDSU campus. Employees with valid NDSU parking permits may park in their assigned lots at any time, unless otherwise notified. Employee permits are not eligible for refunds.

Campus Parking Maps
All NDSU parking maps allow you to view all valid parking locations for employees, including motorcycle and bicycle parking.

From the NDSU Parking website, you can appeal or pay citations.

Parking Regulations
The NDSU Parking Regulations are a set of instructions each individual needs to follow when visiting and parking at NDSU.

Passport Mobile Parking App
Pay for parking in all pay lots, straight from your smart phone!

Payment at Pay Stations
If you don't have access to a smart phone, you may additionally pay in the pay lots at the pay stations for time needed while visiting NDSU.

Report Permit Lost or Stolen
If you loose or find your permit stolen, please complete the Lost Permit Form through the NDSU Parking Portal.

Retiree Permits
Individuals retiring from NDSU are eligible for a parking permit at no charge!

Summer Parking
Summer parking permits can be purchased for the summer months at a reduced rate, valid for all employee lots.

Update Vehicle Information
When driving a new vehicle to the NDSU campus, please update your vehicle information by logging into the NDSU Parking Portal.

Tri-College Parking
Parking permits from other educational institutions will be honored in certain lots at NDSU. 


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