Report Lost or Stolen Permit

If you have lost your parking permit or believe it has been stolen, please make sure to file a report/complaint. If you have simply lost your parking permit, a lost permit report needs to be completed within the NDSU Parking Portal. Steps are stated below. If you believe your permit was stolen, please file a complaint with Campus Police, (701) 231-8998. Once a complaint is filed with Campus Police, a report through the NDSU Parking Portal also will need to be filed. When completing a stolen permit report through the NDSU Parking Portal, please make sure to include the complaint number from Campus Police. The stolen permit report will not be valid unless you have a valid complaint number from Campus Police.

Important information when completing a lost or stolen permit report:
NDSU Parking and Transportation Services will place your permit on a list and attempt to locate it.  Any vehicle displaying a lost, stolen, forged, or altered permit is subject to the following administrative actions:

  1. A $100 fine for displaying a forged/altered permit or lost/stolen permit
  2. A vehicle boot will be placed on the vehicle displaying said permit
  3. A $50 vehicle boot fee
  4. Loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year

A fraudulent report may also result in criminal action, NDSU disciplinary action and/or loss of parking privileges.

If you find the permit you have reported lost or stolen, DO NOT use it on your vehicle, bring it to the NDSU Parking Office. The permit will need to be removed from the lost/stolen permit list.

Once you complete the Lost/Stolen Permit Report, please contact the NDSU Parking Office for a replacement permit. You may visit the NDSU Parking Office directly (1801 15th Ave N, Fargo) or send an email to


Online Report Instructions

Requirements for Completing an Online Report:

  1. Your NDSU Parking Portal login credentials
  2. A valid email address
  3. Missing permit number

Online Report Instructions:

  1. Log into the NDSU Parking Portal
  2. Select your affiliation with NDSU (guest or affiliated)
  3. Sign in and select Permits within the top menu bar
  4. Select View Your Permits and select the permit lost or stolen
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Report As Lost or Stolen
  6. Read the Lost/Stolen report page and complete your explanation
    Reminder - If reporting a permit as STOLEN, please include complaint number from Campus Police
  7. Click Submit
  8. Follow up with the NDSU Parking Office either by email or by visiting the office for a replacement permit
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