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Bismark Asare


Areas of Interest: Digital media communication, data analysis, environmental policy

After completing the MPP program, I plan to leverage my knowledge to serve the Ghanaian people in the area of environmental policy. My goal is to integrate my IT background with data analysis to advocate for sustainable solutions, such as data-driven waste management systems and community education initiatives. These efforts aim to mitigate the growing water and plastic pollution in Ghana.

Melissa Asplin

Lake Park, MN

I'm interested in juvenile justice policies and treatment of youth in the Juvenile Justice System, as well as correctional facilities.

Courtney Entzi

Mandan, ND

Areas of Interest: employment and labor law/policy, civil rights/liberties law, women's rights law/policy, campaign work, community organizing

I have experience in community organizing and campaign work on the state legislative level. I plan to pursue a JD after completing my MPP and would love to work for a non-profit in one of my interest areas.


Kaden Felch

Mandan, ND

Areas of Interest: labor policy, policy design, campaign management

Kaden has been involved in various campaigns, spanning municipal, state legislative, statewide, and U.S. House/Senate levels. Kaden wants to work to strengthen labor protections in the United States.

Jason Fincel

Grand Marais, MN

Areas of Interest: program evaluation, cost benefit analysis, policy/program design, international relations, foreign policy, economic development, local government

John Fox-Cameron

Des Moines, IA

Areas of Interest: economic development, risk analysis, poverty alleviation, international development, policy development/implementation, political economic analysis, community organizing

I have a background in sales, fundraising, non-profits, state/local government, and managerial experience.

Crystal Goodman

Minneapolis, Minnesota

NDSU has challenged me in ways that have shaped my knowledge and I am so thrilled to be back and learning from my professors again. I thought this program would be a good fit for the nonprofit work I wish to do in the world as I learn to become an expert in my field and successfully create nonprofit policies and programs. I enjoy every single class I take and I have learned a wealth of information about how the world works. I have spoken to people who do similar work in the community and they were very pleased with the knowledge I have already acquired. Read more...

Layla Pilon

Moorhead, MN

Areas of Interest: Education policy, civil rights/civil liberties law, cost benefit analysis, economic develoment in under-resourced areas

Layla plans to pursue a JD after completing the MPP.

Jonathan Ross

Bath, ME

Areas of Interest: veterans, veteran health care, veteran services, mental health, program evaluation, program implementation

Faith Scheuer

Bismarck, ND

My capstone project is with the Central Forensic Nurse Examiners working towards implementing a program that provides forensic medical services for domestic violence victims free of charge. The goal is to foster a supportive community that provides resources for victims in the western part of North Dakota. I am going to law school following my completion of the NDSU MPP program with the hope I can network and create connections with people involved in legislative council.

Laura Wuflestad

Brainerd, MN/Fargo, ND

I want to learn and focus more on immigration policy in the U.S. and internationally.

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