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Political Science Major
Political science is the study of politics, government, and public policy. This includes the investigation of political institutions, international relations, law, and political values. The purpose of classes in political science is to provide students with knowledge to assist them in understanding how government and politics affect their everyday lives. A political science major offers the student career opportunities in public service, business, and education. Also, many students interested in attending law school select political science as a major. The department offers a special program of pre-law advisement.

A total of 40 credits are required for a major in Political Science. In addition, four 400-level classes must be taken; one from each of the areas: law, American Government, comparative politics, and international relations. Nine credits of electives are also to be selected in consultation with an advisor.

Pre-Law Emphasis
The department offers a special Pre-Law emphasis for those individuals who wish to pursue careers in law. It consists of a major in Political Science (40 hours) that includes a concentration of law related courses, as well as required classes in English and communication. Electives in business, communication, criminal justice, and accounting are also part of the emphasis.

Public Service Option

The Public Service option allows students to concentrate their coursework in two distinct areas of study: government administration and political management. The government administration area is designed for students seeking careers in the administration of public, private/public, or non-profit organizations. The political management area is designed for students seeking careers in connection to political parties, campaign consultants, interest groups, and the political media. Each area required a 15 credit internship.

Additional Program Requirements:
-Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 across all courses with POLS prefixes to remain enrolled in the program
-Students will be notified via email when they have not met program standards

A full description of the requirements for the Political Science major can be found by clicking here; Pre-Law Option here; and Public Service Option here.

Political Science Minor
The minor in Political Science requires a minimum of 21 credits including Introduction of Political Science or American Government;  International Politics or Comparative Politics; and Political Ideologies.  Additionally, 6 political science elective credits must be taken at the 400-level and 3 credits additional electives must be selected in consultation with advisor.  A full description of the requirements for the Political Science minor can be found by clicking here.

Questions about the Political Science program? Click to email us.

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