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Welcome to Political Science and Public Policy

Welcome to the Department of Political Science and Public Policy at North Dakota State University. Our department is committed to fostering critical thinking, rigorous analysis, and engaged citizenship in the realms of politics, governance, and public policy.

Whether you are interested in understanding the intricacies of political systems, exploring pressing global issues, or shaping policies that address the needs of communities, our programs offer the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to prepare you for a wide range of careers in government, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, international agencies, and beyond.





Why Political Science and Public Policy?

Explore a comprehensive curriculum that delves into the multifaceted aspects of politics, governance, and public policy, equipping you with a deep understanding of the complexities of the contemporary world. Embracing diversity and inclusion, our Faculty supports your success while preparing you for diverse career paths in government, non-profits, business and more. Engage in impactful research initiatives, benefit from personalized mentorship, and tap into a strong alumni network worldwide. Join us in our tradition of excellence, where your journey to understanding politics and shaping policy begins.




We offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for careers in public service, legal professions, non-profit organizations, and business.

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Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience offered by our distinguished faculty members who are actively engaged in cutting-edge research and are recognized leaders in their respective fields.







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