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Here is a partial list of speakers/activities for this academic year (so far). It will be updated as information becomes available. Unless otherwise stated, the meetings will take place in Minard 112 at 5pm.

I welcome any suggestions/requests for activities and/or talks for the club. Let me know either personally or via email


                             FALL 2015


 Sept. 18.  Azer Akhmedov

                 Title: Socrates-Plato Dialogue  abstract


 Sept. 25.  Cameron Switzer, NSA

                 Title: The secret lives of mathematicians abstract

                 Summer internship opportunities at NSA for math majors


 Oct. 09.  Artem Novozhilov

                Title: Modeling Chemotaxis abstract


Oct. 23.  Aaron Feickert

               Title: Cracking the Enigma abstract 


Oct. 30.  Faraad Armwood

               Title: Groups Actions on Sets abstract



                        SPRING 2015


 February 06. Trevor McGuire

                        Title: Lamé's Theorem with a view toward Gaussian Integers  abstract


 February 13. Michael Cohen

                        Title: The Infinite Random Graph abstract


 February 20. Liz Sattler

                        Title: The Chaos Game abstract


 February 27. Jessica Striker

                        Title: Polytopes – points or planes? abstract


 March 06.     Jon Totushek

                        Title: "Sweet" Clyde's Inversion Theorem (a.k.a. Keeler's Theorem) abstract


 April 10.     Mark Spanier

                       Title: The Mathematics of the Card Game SET abstract


 April 17.    MATH FAIR



 April 24.       Dogan Comez

                       Title. Order in Chaotic Dynamical Systems abstract



 May 08.      Faraad Armwood

                      Title. Order of Symmetry Groups for Regular Polygons and Platonic Solids abstract








                                                                            FALL 2014


  September 12. Artem Novozhilov

                           Title: Population genetics and geometry abstract  


 September 19. Michael Cohen

                          Title: Diagonal Arguments and Paradoxes in Mathematics  abstract


 October 03.     Azer Akhmedov

                         Title: 2013, 2014, 2015. abstract


 October 17.    Azer Akhmedov

                        Title: Who invented the soccer ball? abstract


 October 31.   How to write mathematics badly?

                       Video materials (lectures by J-P.Serre and N.Wildberger)



November 07. Azer Akhmedov

                        Title: Using Compass and Ruler


November 14. Movie: Fermat’s Room



November 21. Sean Sather-Wagstaff

                        Title: The Twin Prime Conjecture abstract





December 05. Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh

                        Title: Dickson’s Conjecture and Bounded Gaps Between Primes. abstract








                                                              Fall 2013


   September 13.  Sean Sather-Wagstaff

                                   Title: Applications of Modular Arithmetic abstract


   September 20. Jim Coykendall

                                  Title: Large Numbers, Elementary Probability, and Goats abstract


   September 27. Jessica Striker

                                 Title: Bijections - Marvelous, Mysterious and Missing abstract


   October 04.     Artem Novozhilov

                                 Title: The History of Logistic Equation abstract


   October 18.     Liz Sattler

                                 Title: Cantor Construction: Three Approaches to the Amazing Set abstract   


   October 25.     Jason Boynton

                                 Title: Quotient Sets: From Equivalence to Equality abstract


   November 01.  Indranil Sengupta

                                 Title: Randomness and Mathematical Finance abstract


  November 08.    Ivan Schleppenbach

                                 Title: Juggling: Mathematics in Motion abstract


  November 15.    Sean Sather-Wagstaff

                                 Title: Solving Polynomial Equations … or not abstract


 November 22.     Erin Brownlee

                                 Title: The Golden Ratio abstract


 November 29.      Azer Akhmedov

                                 Title: Roads and Villages abstract



                                                                                            SPRING 2014


 January 24.     Josef Dorfmeister

                              Title: The Geometry of Escher abstract


January 31.      Jessica Striker

                              Title: The square is a circle… or perhaps a tetrahedron abstract  


February 07.   Aaron Feickert

                              Title: Riddle Me This: Exploring the Enigma Cipher abstract


 February 14.       Maria Alfonseca Cubero

                              Title:  The Kakeya Needle Problem  abstract


February 21.   Azer Akhmedov

                             Title: Math Games: is there a winning strategy?


February 28.      Artem Novozhilov

                            Title: Mathematics of Smallpox abstract


March 07.        MOVIE: “Pi”


March 28.       Azer Akhmedov

                            Title: Playing Billiard in a Polygon


April 04.        Todd Mateer 

                      Title: The Magic of Error Correcting Codes abstract


April 11.        Loren Anderson

                            Title: Coloring the Line abstract


April 25.         Aaron Feickert

                           Title: Losing Passwords Like a Boss abstract


May 02.            Warren Shreve

                            Title: Even versus Odd: Which Are Better Numbers abstract



   Activities during the previous years