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Here is a partial list of speakers/activities for this academic year (so far). It will be updated as information becomes available. Unless otherwise stated, the meetings will take place in Minard 112 at 5pm.

I welcome any suggestions/requests for activities and/or talks for the club. Let me know either personally or via email


                                                             SPRING 2015


 February 06. Trevor McGuire

                        Title: Lamé's Theorem with a view toward Gaussian Integers  abstract


 February 13. Michael Cohen

                        Title: The Infinite Random Graph abstract


 February 20. Liz Sattler

                        Title: The Chaos Game abstract


 February 27. Jessica Striker

                        Title: Polytopes – points or planes? abstract


 March 06.     Jon Totushek

                        Title: "Sweet" Clyde's Inversion Theorem (a.k.a. Keeler's Theorem) abstract


 April 10.     Mark Spanier

                       Title: TBA


 April 17.    MATH FAIR



 April 24.       Dogan Comez

                       Title. TBA


 May 01.      Loren Anderson

                      Title. TBA


 May 08.      Faraad Armwood

                      Title. TBA








                                                                            FALL 2014


  September 12. Artem Novozhilov

                           Title: Population genetics and geometry abstract  


 September 19. Michael Cohen

                          Title: Diagonal Arguments and Paradoxes in Mathematics  abstract


 October 03.     Azer Akhmedov

                         Title: 2013, 2014, 2015. abstract


 October 17.    Azer Akhmedov

                        Title: Who invented the soccer ball? abstract


 October 31.   How to write mathematics badly?

                       Video materials (lectures by J-P.Serre and N.Wildberger)



November 07. Azer Akhmedov

                        Title: Using Compass and Ruler


November 14. Movie: Fermat’s Room



November 21. Sean Sather-Wagstaff

                        Title: The Twin Prime Conjecture abstract





December 05. Caroline Turnage-Butterbaugh

                        Title: Dickson’s Conjecture and Bounded Gaps Between Primes. abstract








                                                              Fall 2013


   September 13.  Sean Sather-Wagstaff

                                   Title: Applications of Modular Arithmetic abstract


   September 20. Jim Coykendall

                                  Title: Large Numbers, Elementary Probability, and Goats abstract


   September 27. Jessica Striker

                                 Title: Bijections - Marvelous, Mysterious and Missing abstract


   October 04.     Artem Novozhilov

                                 Title: The History of Logistic Equation abstract


   October 18.     Liz Sattler

                                 Title: Cantor Construction: Three Approaches to the Amazing Set abstract   


   October 25.     Jason Boynton

                                 Title: Quotient Sets: From Equivalence to Equality abstract


   November 01.  Indranil Sengupta

                                 Title: Randomness and Mathematical Finance abstract


  November 08.    Ivan Schleppenbach

                                 Title: Juggling: Mathematics in Motion abstract


  November 15.    Sean Sather-Wagstaff

                                 Title: Solving Polynomial Equations … or not abstract


 November 22.     Erin Brownlee

                                 Title: The Golden Ratio abstract


 November 29.      Azer Akhmedov

                                 Title: Roads and Villages abstract



                                                                                            SPRING 2014


 January 24.     Josef Dorfmeister

                              Title: The Geometry of Escher abstract


January 31.      Jessica Striker

                              Title: The square is a circle… or perhaps a tetrahedron abstract  


February 07.   Aaron Feickert

                              Title: Riddle Me This: Exploring the Enigma Cipher abstract


 February 14.       Maria Alfonseca Cubero

                              Title:  The Kakeya Needle Problem  abstract


February 21.   Azer Akhmedov

                             Title: Math Games: is there a winning strategy?


February 28.      Artem Novozhilov

                            Title: Mathematics of Smallpox abstract


March 07.        MOVIE: “Pi”


March 28.       Azer Akhmedov

                            Title: Playing Billiard in a Polygon


April 04.        Todd Mateer 

                      Title: The Magic of Error Correcting Codes abstract


April 11.        Loren Anderson

                            Title: Coloring the Line abstract


April 25.         Aaron Feickert

                           Title: Losing Passwords Like a Boss abstract


May 02.            Warren Shreve

                            Title: Even versus Odd: Which Are Better Numbers abstract



   Activities during the previous years