Moths of North Dakota

Arctiidae: Arctiinae: Phaegopterini

Pygarctia spraguei (Grote 1873)

Common name: Listed here as 'Sprague's tiger moth.'

Hodges #: 8254.

Identification: Rfw 16.2 mm; fw costa and inner margin, head, posterior edge of ptagiae, mesal edge of tegulae, and abdomen scarlet; pro-tibia with massive terminal claw.

Similar species: 8228, 8238.

Distribution: Great Plains from southern Canada to Texas, westward to UT,  eastward in suitible habitats to IN and LA.. 

Hosts: larvae feed on native Euphorbia-- spurges.


MN, Brown Co. New Ulm, UV lt. 13- VII- 1996,  coll. K. Mundall.


Anterior view of P. spraguei showing protibial 'claws.'





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