Moths of North Dakota

Arctiidae: Arctiinae: Phaegopterini

Euchaetes egle (Drury 1773)

Common name: Milkweed tiger moth.

Hodges #: 8238.

Identification: Rfw 15.8 mm, wings gray, unmarked, hw slightly darker; head and thorax gray, abdomen orange with row of black dorsal spots.   

Similar species: 8254, 8231, 8228.

Distribution: southern Canada and eastern United States, east of the 100th meridian.

Hosts: larvae feed on Asclepias-- milkweeds.


ND,  Richland Co., Hankinson, UV lt. trap.  16- VI- 1985, coll. G. Fauske.

ND, Casss Co., Fargo,  pic. Loren Oslie.

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