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Agonoscelis puberula Stål, 1854


Photo courtesy of larvalbug

Agonoscelis puberula
Stål, 1854: 216.

Agonoscelis brevicornis Jensen-Haarup, 1920: 216, 217.


         Distribution: Dominican Republic, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, United States (AZ, CA, NM, TX, UT), Yemen, Zimbabwe.
        Type Material: Agonoscelis puberula StDl, 1854: LT % (Linnavuori, 1975, as type), terra Natalensi [South Africa], NHRS; 3 PLTS, NHRS. Agonoscelis brevicornis Jensen-Haarup, 1920: LT& (Linnavuori, 1975, as type), Colonia Eritrea, ZMUC; 4& PLTS, ZMUC.




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