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    Indexed to date: Acanthosomatidae, Canopidae, Cydnidae, Dinidoridae, Lestoniidae, Megarididae, Parastrachiidae, Pentatomidae, Phloeidae, Plataspididae, Scutelleridae, Tessaratomidae, Thaumastellidae, Thyreocoridae, Urostylididae and fossil genera.

    Generic pages have been developed for the following: Pentatominae (Aeliini, Aeptini, Aeschrocorini, Agaeini, Agonoscelidini, Amyntorini, Antestiini, Menidini) and others as needed.



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Number of Genera & Species Collected at Lights Maternal Care
Pentatomoids as Food or Medicine Collected in Malaise Traps Beach Drift
Collected at Dung or Dead Animals Collected in Pitfall/Pan Traps  




David A. Rider
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updated: 28 Aug 2009 

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