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Pentatomoidea Species Collected in Malaise Traps

    I have only just begun to compile a list of pentatomoid specimens that have been collected in Malaise traps.  So, for awhile, this list will be very incomplete.  I will be adding new records as I run across them. 



Pangaeus bilineatus (Paiero et al., 2003)

Pentatomidae: Asopinae

Pentatomidae: Discocephalinae

Pentatomidae: Pentatominae

Dendrocoris humeralis (Paiero et al., 2003)
Dichelops nigrum (Grazia, 1978)
Glaucias amyoti (Moeed & Meads, 1987)

Pentatomidae: Phyllocephalinae

Pentatomidae: Podopinae




Urochela strandi (Ren & Lin, 2003)
Urostylis blattiformis (Ren & Lin, 2003)


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updated: 12 June 2009

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